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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tell Me How & What

1. How Do I make the kids eat a decent treat during parties. They just refuse to eat and I end up making noodles at home later on. The whole purpose of going to a birthday party is lost according to me.

2. How do I tell them that food that is junk food in school lunch pack remains junk food at home also. So they cannot demand the same at home whereas refuse to eat them in the snack box- something like Noodles?

3. What are the good options for a snack box. I am dreading class 1. Just because of the snack box demon. Long hours mean wholesome snacks and my kids will never eat on their own, the stuff that remotely look wholesome.

4. What makes my kids shy away from participating in any "fun" games organised by the event management people during parties? Or interact with the kids during a party.

5. What is the cure for clingfestness especially when I am busy organising a party or event?


swapna said...

This is my sons lunch box(he eats at 11:30) and snack box(2:30). My son is 5.5 years old ...
Mon: Chicken Fried rice with vegetables, homemade banana pancakes( made with atta)+ honey
Tuesday : Cheese dosas ,Chicken Ham sandwich ( wholewheat bread)
Wednesday : Methi/brocholi/spinach paratha with chicken made into a wrap,sweet rava
Thursday :egg fried rice , french toast with honey
Friday : Wholemeal bread pizza with chicken sausage,cornflakes/honey stars (no milk)

I am always referred to and praised for my efforts for my sons lunch /snack box
for records, i work , but have a helper who makes these ...I seldom change the menu

And yes son wipes the food clean :):):)hope this helps

Andy said...

Let me know when u find the answers

Gayatri said...

- With you on all of the above itch :(
- Sapna: Wow! Impressive :)...I would love to have that plan in MY lunch/snack box ;b
- More solutions invited...I think Achu's school allows only veggie stuff...

Itchingtowrite said...

wow Sapna! loved your list