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Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Criticism

I really really hate it when people takes special care to critisize my choice.
To assess the worth of what I buy and declare (spitefully) that it is not worth the amount I paid.
For the worth of anything I buy is only for my eyes/ mind/ soul- not for any one else's.
It is different when I am trying to take help and I ask - do you think it is worth it? Should I spend my hard earned money on it?
The perception of worth is different for different people and so also their choices. If everyone were to select the same stuff, imagine how unidimensional the world would be.
I wonder, whatever happened to good manners, restraint and all that when admiring someone else's purchases.
Why can't one just say - nice and then keep their trap shut?
Especially when one can see clearly that I am very happy with my purchase and really see the value in it.


Anonymous said...

Shower me with your purchases and trust me I will wear or use it right away, 'cos I know you have a great eye!

Next time, dont buy the morons anything!

What lovely books you pick!!


Itchingtowrite said...

ha ha NS- if i buy for others and they critisize it then it is still ok. but i buy for myself and then they critisize. i hate it. after all I am going to use it not t hey so why worry

DC said...

i hear you lady!! this is such a pet peeve pf mine. really, why can't ppl just say it is ok or good and keep shut!

Anonymous said...

I simply stopped showing ppl what I buy-this after all the irritation the uncalled for remarks had caused. I'm the 'wisend' one now :-D

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Same here.

I think the more educated and well-settled we are, the less civilized and thoughtful we are fast becoming. People sneer at each other to put down the efforts and choices of others because of some inherent inferiority complexes they themselves suffer inwardly. In the process of masking that, they make our lives miserable with such statements.

Just consider such people as mentally ill - normal people don't behave like this in civilized society.