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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Doing Lotpot in the Ghaans

"Pack a spare dress" said cousin R. "You never know they might just do lotpot on the floor and mess up their clothes"

Well, I always do pack a spare but I have been doing that being more concerned about spills or vomits or may be susu but never lotpot. C'mon, my kids don't do lotpot (rolling) on the floor.

But this holiday, I happened to notice some greenish patches on their jeans. And I went WT Hey. What exactly are these never-seen-before green stuff on their jeans. And I was like brushing it away with no success.
Then I observed. Indeed, my delusions of the kids not doing lotpot was shattered. The lush green lawn was duly utilized for rolling over, falling, lying doing, crawling over, pushing the others on the ground and all that. The kids played like a bunch of puppies frolicking on the grass.
At best what they do at home are sit on the staircase/ cemented floor or may be sometimes on the cement blocked-flooring of the complex. Yes there is mud but they never really roll over on that- the muddy surfaces are not so large.
But this was a huge lawn and opportunity to lotpot-ofy on the grass was extremely attractive.
And the most endearing moment- all kids sitting on the shaded cemented section silently watching the rain in the dark, not even once venturing out but silently sharing a companionship - just staring into the lawn that was inaccessible on a rainy wintry night! Wish I had taken a photograph to capture the moment.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

It's fun for them to do the unpredictable stuff but not for us, as parents.