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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beware, the Blogger is Observing

  1. There is a lot many seats vacant in the airport. You need not sit right next to me or right behind me, forcing me to sit in perpetual fear of knocking my head against your oily hair or the elbow against your elbow.
  2. Would you please move towards the centre of your seat? Rather than looming over to my side on your right?

  3. No, I am really not at all pleased to see you. In fact, I want to smack your face at the slightest opportunity. So please do not grin and look at me trying to catch my eye.

  4. Do not stuff your gills with the booze just because it is free

  5. You B*&^h. Why did you allot me the aisle in the last row right next to the toilet when the row 12 was nearly empty?

  6. And yes, I so want to hate you. You get upgraded because the airline made the mistake of double booking the same seat while I beg with pinched nose to move to row 12.

  7. Oh no no no. Don't come this way. I am eating chicken and I really do not have the willingness to exchange pleasantaries with you. Shoo shoo, go away. Meet some one else.

  8. Don't keep that fake smile plastered on your face while on the treadmill. Ah well, a half an hour walk and a jaunt on the EFX will cure you of that smile and soon you will be panting for breath. See, I told you so.

  9. You don't know any of us on the dance floor. Then why the F are you photographing us while we are dancing. Just hang on till your people come on the floor.

  10. 1 effing 50 Rupees for dry cleaning the kiddy coat?
  11. No matter how much you jostle, the flight will not leave until I get in.
  12. Put that arm down. My nose is insured. I do not want my sense of smell damaged because of your underarm odour

pl note- this post has been inspired from the jottings series at thirtysixandcounting


Robert Gibson said...

HI nice post.This will really help us.because every user wants to see the blogs on mobiles too.

Sue said...

ROTFL esp at #12. I'm a big fan of Kiran's series too.