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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dear Radisson Kabab Factory

Many a memorable dinners and lunches have been had in your premises.
I have taken foreign colleauges out there for the Great Indian Kabab experience.
I have had special occassion dinners for two and thereafter lunches for 2 + 2. Even my kids fell in love with you.
We love your kababs- the mutton seekh, the galauti kabab pressed on a flat bread and smeared with green chutney, sprinkle of onion rings, a dash of lime and rolled and eaten like a frankie. Oooh I can almost taste them on my tongue.
As long as the cost for the 4 kababs, assorted breads and the biriyani and mini dessert platter that are never done justice to, were upto Rs 750 plus or minus a few bucks, it was value for money. Commoners like us could still come to you for our small and insignificant celebrations.

Well, on a given day that we choose to come to you, how many kababs will we eat- 8 or may be 10 max. After that we normally have no space for the meal/ desserts.
So if I were to compare with the Copper Chimmney share platter of 20 for Rs 1300 or Barbecue nation unlimited lunch platter of 5 different kababs for Rs 450 with a drink and buffet thrown in, a Kabab Factory platter for Rs 1300 plus would be definitely termed as daylight robbery.
Well, they said, we have changed the menu so we increased the price. I really didn't find any obvious change in the menu but yes the restaurant was redone.
I also did not find an increase in variety of kababs for lunch and most certainly I can say that my tummy does not accomodate more kababs with the increase in price.
Yes, I am crazy about you Kabab Factory. So much so that if one wakes me up from sleep and tells me to go to Kabab Factory, I will do that barefoot.
With the increase in price, I may of course pray to God that I get lots of foreign colleagues visiting India so I may bring them to you, Kabab Factory. But there will be a nagging feeling of guilt that I am going there whereas not taking the kids who enjoy your food so much.
I may still treat myself to Kabab Factory perhaps once in a year or once in two years or atleast until my kids turn 8 because one saving grace is that you do not charge for kids below 8. Despite my warnings that the kids will eat atleast 3 kababs each and there are 2 of them.
I try to tell myself that may be we are having some degree of value for money because 2 kids are also eating for free.
But then these excuses have a short life span. Sooner or later I will compare it to Barbecue nation that is not really bad on the taste front. It is of great value for money too for frequent eating.
So Dear Kactory.
At Rs 1300 per platter, I am sorry to say, you are most certainly not worth it.


How do we know said...

my thots exactly.

Phoenixritu said...

Damn, they increased the price?!!! So long Kabab Factory, I sure will miss you