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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Progress Report

Somehow it feels that the kids' progress report is as good as the parents' progress report.
Because the work we are doing with the kids at home gets reflected in their actions in the school also.
The focus was more on overall assessment in behavioural and skill terms rather than academic terms.
The specific things the teachers told about the kids this time were-

Tejas- He is doing very well and he is the first child in class who can distribute the books by reading the names of the students on his own. His grasp of concepts in a holistic manner is excellent and he is very good in understanding what he as to do during sports. He has made special friends and loves to sit with them and he loves snack time (that is a surprise to me) and loves the little treats that I add like cashews / chocolate in his snack box. And he is extremely uncomfortable when Ojas drops him inside the class!

Ojas- A marked improvement in terms of not talking about Tejas in class and not day dreaming. He has picked up in his reading - which I have also noticed at home. Now he voluntarily picks up the books and reads aloud and is getting better and better in it. His grasp of concepts and intelligence is high. He is still developing his skills in handling scissors which I am not surprised, as he is ambidextrous- part lefty which I explained to the teacher- so that she is a little more alert when he uses left hand to cut with scissors that are meant for right handed people.

Overall, both of them enjoy doing their homework. I don't even have to tell them to do it. Even before I reach home on Thursdays, most of the home work is done except the handwriting pages which they hate doing.

I guess, they are now ready to bring themselves up on their own!


R's Mom said...

Great Great Great..yay to the twins :):) So is Tejas left handed or is he right handed? my friend is a left handed and had this problem initially in school about holding scissors..its great that the teacher takes care of such friend had it tough

Sandhya said...

Kudos to the twins. You have very beautifully portrayed how unique both of them are and how both are developing wonderfully at their own pace!! Kudos to the special mom as well!

Gayatri said...

- The boys are doing great..God Bless :)
- Not surprising at all :b
- Itchy U belong to my personal list of "Inspiring moms"

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks guys
i am touched

Itchingtowrite said...

R's mom- Ojas can work with both hands
he can color using both hands. writing- we encouraged him to use right hand as he was getting confused in letter orientation
he can write mirror writing with perfect ease

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Cheers to the twins and definitely to you, their mom!