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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Of Demons & Super Heroes

I thought I would religiously update the reviews of all the books of Ramayan series by Ashok Banker. But I got so tied up with the books that I just didn't want to invest energies in thinking about a review. But then what is the purpose of reading a book and then not blogging about it!!
So here goes a quick one.
So I have read
Demons of Chitrakoot
Covers the circumstances of Rama's exile, their struggles with the demons in Chitrakoot and the parallel story of Lanka and the circumstances in which Ravan is brought back to Lanka. In a true filmy style he is in a prehistoric version of coma which is something new to me- I have never come across such episode in all my understanding of Ramayan.
Armies of Hanuman
How can a book not be dedicated to the key force in Rama's army? Hanuman is introduced in this book- the Hanuman who is yet unaware of his great powers. We come to know who is going to be Valmiki much later. Supranakha manages to revive Ravan using Rama's blood (now where have we read that before? Hint hint- Harry potter & he who must not be named- he gets revived using Haryy's blood!!!) Bali is introduced here and we come to know that Bali tried to lure Rama by saying he knows the secret of Ravan's death. Political! In this book, Rama doesn't kill Bali while Sugreev & Bali are duelling but confronts him and kills him.
We come to know about the phenomenolly sorcerous powers of the Pushpak

The Bridge of Rama
The bridge building starts in this bok. The skills of the architect Nala is employed here - pure architectural skills not the other explanation that I liked to believe
There were many hermits living on a riverbank in cottages. While young, Nala & Nila entered these hermitages; while the sages were immersed in deep meditation, seizing the holy icons they used to cast them into the waters of the river. The sages were enraged at this sacrilege and they cast a curse on them, in this manner. 'Boys! May all things that you throw on water never sink; may they float instead. And, may they remain just where you have thrown them, even if the waters flow fast in floods.'
Hanuman our (original) Superhero's potent energy is unlocked and he leaps across the ocean and burns the city of Lanka.

And so, I am on the last book now- The King of Ayodhya- I could give you a sneak previews because impatient as even I have skimmed through many pages. But I will hold back till I have read the entire book

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