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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Any Man Can Be a Father

It takes someone special to be a Dad.

I have seen many fathers but just not enough Dads.

There are very few Dads who are willing to take time off to just create moments with their kids.

But enough who believe that their job ends with that 1 tsp contribution.

Sorry to burst the bubble, the real work begins after that. Diapers, Vaccinations, Feeding Bottles, Toys, Clothes, Schooling, and all that is just what money can buy.

There are other things which no wealth in the world can buy for your child.

And strangely enough, children attach more worth to them rather than what the money is buying. Except of course in moments of extreme weakness that involve stuff like Ben 10.

Look around you. There will be fathers who are devoting time to their kids in teaching them the nitty gritty of cricket or chasing after a football and then there will be children whose fathers are too busy to play with the child who awaits patiently for his turn to play with someone else's Dad.

The other day I was dropping my kids to school. I was following a car which had a Dad who was very sweetly bending from time to time towards the little girl in the passenger seat and chatting merrily. Such a heart warming sight.

My son mentioned his friend cried loudly during the sports day. The reason being he could not see his parents in the audience.

There is a rare breed of Dads that can change diapers, wash bums and feed their kids with practiced ease. As a regular, not just for photo opportunity. A Dad whom I know - his little daughter would insist his Dad assist her in the bathroom- we marvelled at the Mom's training and were ready to take tuitions at her feet!

I find the husband extremely vigilant when we go to the movies. I may forget but he never forgets to take them to the toilet before entering the theatre. (May be because if during the movie the dreaded, adamant call of "susu" comes, it is his sacred duty to take them there).

And not to forget, it has been a long time duty of my Dad to play and lose against us in Ludo then and now against my kids.

And so I would say, a Dad can never cease to be a Dad! But Fathers some times never make it as a Dad!


R's Mom said...

I so so LOVED this are right..anyone can be father but being dad is really really rare!

Phoenixritu said...

I love this post

Bindhu!! said...

During my growing years, my father was working very hard. He used to work for two shifts continuously. So, he really could not spend much time with us.

But, later he became my Hero. So, sometimes I think its just the circumstances.

But, now that my son is born, my dad takes so much care of him. He wants to enjoy all that he missed in our early years.

Sandhya said...

I know of a father who inspite of having a very busy career takes out time to spend quality time not just with his son but with his friends as well. He is a hero for all the kids in the neighbourhood. Neddless to say, his son is mighty proud of him

Andy said...

What can I say, some guys just arnt lucky enough to make that transition for if they did they would know a treasure that nothing else can match!!

How do we know said...

awww.. this is such a heartwarming post!

Itchingtowrite said...

@ Bindhu- true,... sometimes just making sure he family gets a good life takes a toll on the dad

@ Andy- true- such people are totally abhaga is what we call in hindi

@ Sandhya- nice!

Anonymous said...

How very well written!!The chores of fatherhood begin only after the baby is born, and the role of a father is just as important as that of a mother. One who runs away from these responsibilities can just label themselves a "coward"