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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Cycle of Shopoholic-ism Never Ends

Mini Shopaholic- the latest book in the series from Sophie Kinsella.
Minnie Brandon, shopaholic in the making has already started shopping online. While her mom struggles to live a frugal life in these recessionary times.
The Banker Brandon has given her a yardstick- wear all your clothes atleast 3 times until you buy yourself the next new dress.
So how does Becky manage to wriggle out of this situation?
Not only this, in these frugal times, she is planning a big surprise party for Luke Brandon and that is an open secret sort of secret. So how does she or does she manage to keep all this a secret?
And to top it all, is there some sort of good deed happening parallely as it happens in most of her stories?
Sssshhh I will not blurt out anything more.
Go on read this book. I warn you it is a little boring and predictable initially and Becky can be quite annoying for somewhat frugal people like me. But it catches up mid way and crosses the finish line in record pace.
I leave you to hunt this book while I am off to shop for a few more books.

this post has been scheduled 2 days ago so therefore, no I am not rushing off to shop at this time of the day!

1 comment:

MiM said...

i love sophie kinsella and the shopaholic series...
didnt know a new one was out...
will lay my hands on it