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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Learning Science

Check out the books at These are story book style science books which make learning science concepts very simple, through pictures, mind maps and stories.
Amber learns about seasons starts with learning about air and thereon an understanding of how seasons happen.
How do sea animals breathe?
What is moving air called?
How do you know air exists at all?
We cannot even see the air.
Find out by reading this exciting book!
Amber and the Vanishing drop is about water - the uses of water, the life forms within water and even understanding simple aspects like how a puddle forms. 2 drops of water Co & Jo residing in the puddle explain to Amber the squirrel that they in fact come from different sources - one from the nearby lake and one from the large Pacific ocean. How do they manage to become a part of a piddly puddle? I leave it to you to find out.


AA_Mom said...

Nice. Thanks for exposing us to things I wouldn;t have come across otherwise.

We finally caught Krish-Trish-Baltiboy last saturday and I too enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing :)

Itchingtowrite said...

I am glad AA_ Mom that u enjoyed it. I too love that and can se it any number of times

Gayatri said...

- Sounds Good :)
- bought these online or at a bookstore?

the mad momma said...

oh nice. take me when i come there. the brat would love this sort of stuff.