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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A few days back we were browing in the video library and a lady of about mid twenties walked in. She asked the guy behind the counter- has it come? and made some actions in the air with her hands. The guy behind the counter nodded and began to take a VCD from under the desk to hand it over to her. The cryptic exchange got me interested and I almost fell over the counter in trying to look at what movie she had asked for. What I thought I saw almost made my eyes pop out.

After she walked away with the movie, the guy enlightens my hubby that the major seekers of XX and XXX rated movies in his library are women! These are not just one off seekers but repeat buyers. These are not a group of youngsters getting together to have some "cheap thrill" and merely trying to see what is in it but a general mix of married and unmarried women. Given that we are the nation that gave Kamasutra to the world, the popularity of the S word should not come as a surprise.

I do not want to stereotype and normally nothing surprizes or apalls me, but ladies being so bashful that they did not hesitate to walk up to the counter and ask for these movies on a regular basis did make me gape.

Adult chatrooms too are populated by women. But there the anonimity offers security. In a video parlour, you have to register your name and address and there are days when the boy from the parlour even comes to your home to take back an overdue movie.

On a different vein, I have discovered a wonderful way of setting curd. I place the curd dish on the lid of the vessel in which I have boiled the feeding bottles. The curd sets in record time, brilliantly. (TIP- for those who don't have bottle fed babies, you could place it on another hot vessel- milk/ vegetable etc or may be in contact with the cooking range while you are cooking)

It just dawned on me that the right way of cutting musk melon would be to simply slice it along the striations and as each slice is cut the seeds separate on their own. Only the last slice has all the seeds which needs to be scooped out.
Someone teach me how to peel and slice a pineapple. I do not buy pineapples because of the difficulty in the job.
I am sure Nature would have had in mind the right way of deseeding a watermelon. Anyone?
I have watched the juice guy hit the pomegranate shell with a knife and the seeds fly off on the work table. But according to me it is too messy.
The apple corer works wonders on peach too. I love that tool.

I have been well branded in Ojas' eyes. The moment I come home from work, he stands near the snacks cupboard in the kitchen and points at it for Haldiram aloo bhujiya and puffed rice.
Is it observation/ programming or training? He has observed that it is the first place I go to when I get home from office.

Notes to myself

Roses from hubby for valentine's day early in the morning

Applause at work from regional director on my work in Marketing. In his words- "if the culture allowed, I would have got up and kissed you"- come a long way from New company update posted here

All in all a worthwhile day


theanalogkid said...

when u talk so much about equality, why cant a woman go n ask for a porn movie as much as a man does? it shudnt be a surprise. infact i would be the happiest to see such a thing.

n happy val d. :)

@ said...

whoa! major shock at the vdo store experience...u sure you live in chennai??!

btw, did you really have to club that together with the kitchen tips?? took me a while to steer from that to slicing fruits ;0

Patti said...

wow...congrats on the work part!! that must have been a great feeling!!

Rio said...

what a mix of topics in one post! total gyaan hehehe :)

Fuzzylogic said...

I guess being outside the video thing however doesn't surprise me as here it's a pretty common thing but still Chennai I should say surprised me!I always felt it was a conservative city.
Lol,it was quite a leap from that topic to the kitchen stuff,I agree about the pineapple,I don't go to buy them that often because of the process involved in getting to the fruit.By the way congrats on the work front!Good going:)
Happy V day!

nz said...

Tip on slicing pineapple - get your hubby to do it. Thats what I do :-)

Twisted DNA said...

Ya that must be a shock to see a girl seeking adult video. But I think it's a welcome change in India. I think women need to be liberated and be more open about what they want... I don't care how they achieve liberation, this is as good a start as any!

I know an easier trick for curd. Get it from the grocery store :) Every desi in the bay area knows the name "Pavels" :) That's the best yogurt you can buy around here... pretty close to perfect

Usha said...

way to go - felicitations!

artnavy said...

good job - literally- u shld have offered your hand for him to kiss

and the porn thingie- well not bad-chennai is progressing

on pineapple- get it doen in mumbaia nd bring back on flight or resort to the tinned one

MAA said...

Hi, I came to your blog through different others and have realised I like what you write. I was reading your archieves and realised that you too have twins. Me too. How old are they now?

PeeJ said...

Wowsers, now that's a completely different perception than the one I had about indian women. I always had them down as dark, mysterious, enticing and gorgeous but never actually realised that they would be into adult movies, adult chat rooms and stuff like that - though obviously to live a life without entertaining the senses and the sensual is to have lived half a life, so good on 'em sayeth I.


Has to be me said...

Hmmm so much progress of the Chennai women?! Gosh, I m quite surprised! What surprises me more is y the hubbies of the married women dont come 2 fetch the X rated movies?! ;) Unless these women have some ulterior motives! ;p

Regd the curd setting...thats what my mom used 2 do!

Way 2 go on the work front....if ur reg dir was a good looking dude u shd've gone ahead!!! heee ;)

Life Lover said...

great job on the successful presentation, i'm sure it feels good when your manager applauds you!! about the adult DVD store thingy, i am a little surprised too, but then i guess women are becoming bolder these days, unabashedly proclaiming their sexuality, maybe this is a way to show it too :)

Orchid said...

Vow, you made a complete 90 degree turn from the triple X stuff to the curd-setting thing.....was that intentional :)
Haha-oJas has branded you!...wonder what the Darwinian term for that? Imprinting, maybe !?!

Good one!

mommyof2 said...

hey congrats on almost getting kissed by ur boss lol j/k good job:-)

They have seedless watermelon here:-)

The Mad Momma said...

chennai did you say? this is where a lady asked me destroy a picture of my newborn son because he was naked in it.. did she expect him to come out of the womb dressed?

as for porn.. its so common... and its mostly married couples watching it so no real shock value there...

and i must agree with the rest.. clubbing it with the cooking tips had me quite confused for a while!!!