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Friday, February 23, 2007

15 going on 16 Months

Music Masti
I switched on the Aquaguard and went out of the kitchen. After a decent interval I heard Ojas screaming. He was pointing at the machine and asking for something. Guessing correctly I switched it on to fill the bottle. Listening to the accompanying music Ojas began to sway and dance and he was joined by Tejas.
They both love to tap dance / do the tatkaar in drut laya - those who have a kathak knowhow will know that it is the feet tapping step in the fastest tempo.
They basically like to dance to any song, even the Ganesh mantra playing on the stereo.

Fruit Fun
Both got introduced to the season's first mango through small bits of the fruit and Mango shake.

They love pomegranate, papaya, grapes and pear too.

Game Show
The sound puzzle is a hit. But they will not solve the puzzle. They will remove the pieces and throw them away and play with the buttons only. Tejas has made a slight progress. He will place the puzzle piece on the board and cry till we put it correctly for him. Ojas made elephant like sound when he saw an elephant model in a neighbour's house. May be the continuous training is helping. Uptil now any animal, insect, mosquito is dog to them.
They are ant bullies and, kitten pursuers. (with sound effects- aaa, paw, paw, paw, maaow)
They like to play "sit-on-the-lap-and-play" throw ball.
The shape sorter toy is also good but they will put in one toy and open the box to remove it.

I get into my room when I come back from work, to shut the windows. Ojas points at the other set of windows asking me to close them

I was explaining to my sister that the maid calls me Akkaaa.. Ojas caught on and has learned the word - with perfect diction

Ojas discovered the scrolling ad in Food Court at Ascendas. There were twin ads, one scrolling and the other not. Ojas saw one and then ran across the opposite side and discovered the other. That one was scrolling after short gaps. When Ojas saw the 2nd ad for the 1st time, it was not scrolling. Out of habit he banged at it and coincidently at that moment it began to scroll. Ojas clapped to himself taking the credit to be his. He then ran across to check out the 1st one and came back to bang at the 2nd one, waiting for it to scroll again on cue.

Chennai- contact number for registering for Pulse Polio volunteers to do it at your doorstep
Dr Belasuryakumar- 9382687055, 044-24912294
I regsitered in January and they came this month to my building. Infact there was a major recruitment drive by the kids in my building. They knocked on the right doors and made the parents get the vaccine for their kids- under 5 years of age very clearly specified.


Hip Grandma said...

fruits are fun even at my age.It must be absolutely delightful for them.Do they like salad vegetables too.introduce them to carrots and the like.

Orchid said...

Oooh mangoes! you make me jealous... and as always love to hear about O and T!

@ said...

I am sure you were as amused as the Discoverer!!! hope you caught his delight on camera!

Fuzzylogic said...

"Uptil now any animal, insect, mosquito is dog to them"LOL!
it must be so delightful watching them learn all the little things,it's really amazing to see how fast they learn.
Mmm..Mangoes!I will be in India this summer,can't wait to taste the yummy mangoes!

Ashish said...

Kids sound real fun to be near with. About the puzzle bit, I am sure that in a couple of months, they will figure out much more.

A smart idea to use kids to push for polio vaccination.

nz said...

so very cute ! You are having double to fun watching them grow :-)

artnavy said...

where are the pics to go with it

the ascendas scroller is priceless

Has to be me said...

So nice 2 note abt the Discoverer! And impressed abt the polio drive! :)

Life Lover said...

tatkaar in drut laya? my gowd, that is fast and very very tiring...i cant even do it for 10 minutes at a stretch! hehe :) had fun reading this!!

mommyof2 said...

Its double the fun reading about them:-)