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Friday, February 02, 2007

What Lies Beneath

Me- Actual Self- dark brown lipstick, diamond earrings, gold chain with locket, pair of plain bangles/ either of the 4 bracelets of various types, 4 finger rings, metal watch, same hair cut every visit – if it happens, nail polish if I have the time, change of sandals according to attire

Me- Aspiring Self- matching lipstick with the dress, touched up during the day or after every eating session, colourful eye shadows (take the gift pack out), a thin, single, silver anklet, atleast 2 piercings per ear and with a change of earring every day along with a matching neck piece/ wrist ornament, amulet of my choice- that fits on my arm, nose ring- which never ever suited me, change of watch every day, highlights/ colours in the hair, different haircut every visit, regular manicure & pedicure…

Boring, am I not, in my actual self?

And colourful are my aspirations, aren't they?


Noodlehead said...

I don't think actual self is boring...sounds more like "busy" to me!

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PeeJ said...

Same here, your actual self sounds about 100 times more glam than mine :)

Oh and aren't those stupid ad bloggers a pain in the arse. turn on letter confirmation hon. Gets rid of 'em pronto.


Has to be me said...

C'mmon be colourful....whats preventing u?! ;)
Ur actual self is also good tho! :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Your actual self is endearing to me because that's pretty much how I see myself.As for the aspiring self my list is longer than yours but I wouldn't want 2 piercings or more on my ear,I can't imagine the hassel of matching 2 of them when I can hardly manage to match just one!I say go get yourself colored:)

Orchid said...

I agree with fuzzy..ur actual self is my aspiration..dunno I am just lazy..these days I just do the lipstick, a couple if finger rings and painted toes, ofcourse shoes...nothing else

How abt you make a conscious attempt to live upto your own aspirations..not tooo difficult I say.

mommyof2 said...

hey ur aspiring list is not an impossile one:-)I think u can achieve most of that with a very little effort & a trip to market:-)
I have 3 piercings per ear & 1 nose but its been ages since I wore 3 earings, forget about 3, I wear one only when Im going out and nose one is close years back;-)

Do make little effort to achieve these little things in ur life which make u happy & feel satisfied:-)

priya said...


The time you take to do things is very creative and how it can be boring. Not at all. I sometimes just don't wear any makeup stuff and walk as I am.

Rashi Sinha said...

U actually thought I wont know who u r????
But its nice 2 see u here..
Read ur blogs and must say u write very well....

my life.... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
my life.... said...

well, take yr time to be creative... actually to tell u frankly, i am even more boring person... i wear lipstick, eyeliner and some face powder... i don t like jewelleries... in fact i have the habit of misplacing gold coz i hate wearing them but coz my parents force me to wear... i wear white gold dangle earrings and a gold ring given by my bro ... i don t wear any other make up or jewelleries other than these... my parents gave up forcing me to wear... i just don t like wearing chains or bangles coz i feel uncomfortable...:(

Tejas said...

Guess being original and comfortable is more important. Isn't it? Change is necessary but no compromise on the comfort part :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoyed my visit here.

Isha Reddy said...

lol sure sure when you are earning dollars by the million it will be an easier task i assure.. having ppl to dress you up et al... until then i reckon you look sweet and innocent :)

artnavy said...

u know me- what to say?

getting to stage 1 is my idea of dressed up

Cecilia said...

Hmm..i believe you gotta be what makes you confortable..if a lil change is what would make you happy..sure..why long as your doin it for

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