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Monday, February 05, 2007

Kicking the Monday Blues

Guess how I kicked away those Monday Morning Blues! Guess how I gave Monday a big inferiority complex today! I beat Monday flat at it's own game. Monday would have been demotivated by seeing me thoroughly enjoy my work.

Another upside of working in the taste industry is buying market samples. I spent half a day starting this Monday morning buying confectionery samples. Officially working and unofficially enjoying the exploration of various stores. At all the stores I went today, the in-store music playing was foot tapping and fun - added bonus.

And maine behti ganga mein haath bhi dho liye-(simultaneously utilized the trip for purchasing other stuff)- I picked up a CD of my current favourite music (along with Guru) gangster too- combo with kalyug- which is currently playing on my laptop.

A perfect drive - no rush on the roads- Did not check the timebut reached office in just 2.5 songs from Adyar.

PS- My sister was horriified at me spending Monday morning in the shop and calling her to ask whether songs of kalyug is better or zeher (coincidently these were the 2 options available with Gangster combo).


PeeJ said...

Now that's the type of Monday I'd die for - sounds like you've indeed done an awesome job of banishing the monday blues.


Hip Grandma said...

lucky you!!no such luck for me.With a very bad sore throat I could have stayed home/But I still went 'cos it was better than staying at home!!

Fuzzylogic said...

This is what is called a perfect monday morning:)music,shopping and all fun being a part of work:)My monday has just started and I on one hand would hate going out,its freezing -30 degrees outside:(
enjoy the cds,Guru,gangster and kalyug all great choices!

mommyof2 said...

sound like fun monday:-)

Neers said...

yo!!!! beat 'em!!

Noodlehead said...

way to go! hey, wanna swap jobs??? ;-)

theanalogkid said...

hehe.. thats a nice way to measure distances.. maybe they should make it the SI unit or something.. 2.5 songs away.. :p

NZ said...

you go girl !! What a fantastic way to start your week !!!

R.E.B.E.L said...

Lucky you!!!!

artnavy said...

i managed to have a good day today since the bus broke down today and we sat in listening to FM for almost a half hour!!

cant understand why some people were so anxious to get to work.

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

WOW, I would kill to have a job like yours. Its like a paid holiday...

How do we know said...

What kind of a job is this? Do they have vacancies? ;-))

itchingtowrite said...

peej- like i say being in this job helps..
hip g mom- hope u r doing fine now
fuzzy- i too wud hate being snowed down or even "rained" down
mom of 2, nz- yes it was
neers- i wud like to do it every other day
noodlehead- i cud be generous and swap a monday like this with u
analog kid- i use surrogate methods to measure distance as i am too bad at fathoming distances..
rebel- long time
art navy- i hate those kinds who seem to be in a rush to get to work
esp those who try alternate means to get to work when the bus breaks down
ganesh- wait till u hear that my job involves doing a lot of eating
how do we know- yes we do.. wanna apply!

Alan said...

I spent all day Monday working on a Software Test Procedure.


Your Monday sounded much better.