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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

They Have a Mind of Their Own

Pongal was well celebrated with the deadly duo doing the prayers and being the official bell ringer- the role was assumed for the entire day and the service included cleaning the bell by putting it into the mouth. So much for maintaining the puja items clean. And yes check out the Fab India Kurta Pajamas

Cleaning spree- Pre Pongal?- all the napkins were duly handed over to my sister – until se said thank you they did not go back for more

Tejas has moved one step further in his mobile phone expertise. He now holds a conversation consisting of awu wau wau, ha ha, yaa, yaa and then hands over the phone to me with an expression that says “ you handle this bugger… he is talking crap", expecting me to do the same small talk and hand it back to him

Is this the beginning of Potty training – Tejas sat on a plate and pissed on it!

They discovered puffed rice- and they were very generous with it. Ojas used to eat one grain and then offer the next one to me. While tejas used to eat one and then take it out of his mouth and push it into mine. Ojas also offered his share of sugarcane piece to me.


Coffee said...

“ you handle this bugger… he is talking crap" ..... LOL!!! That was a good one!!!!! LOL!!!!

And they look cute in kurta pajama!! :)

KK said...

Wow that was a very cute post I2W...
The phone thing was very sweet... and LOL!!!
Pissed on the plate??? hehehe that's awesomely cute too :) Prolly you shud capture all this in a video...

priya said...

Cute pictures. I loved the cute little one praying to god. Isn't that sweet of him to do that.

@ said...

lovely post!!!
can understand Ojas' sentiments completely!!! of course that shirt doesn't look manly at all...what were you thinking mom??

Orchid said...

Good God!! and you have time to take pictures and blog about it too with all this going on?? Way to go! and I agree with the previous commenter....they may be young but they are men and definitely have a mind of their own!

cardamom said...

Awwwwwwwww and more Awwwwwwwwwwwss!!
when they grow up and see this blog...awwww!!!

mommyof2 said...

adorable:-) love the pics in kurta:-) lol@ peeing in plate:-)

Gabdu's Mommy said...

Hi there - your kiddos are so cute !! How do u mange twins ! I mean seriously, I have a tough time managing one !
Potty Training is abt being aware of ones bodily functions ;))) but that comes with a warning that awareness cud happen anyplace anytime :))) !
Thanks for stopping by my blog

SM said...

Cute pics!!
Ananya was introduced to puffed rice by my mom and you should hear her coo with anticipation when she sees us opening the packet-wwwwwwwwwooooooo..aaaaaaaaaah...gagagaga!!

artnavy said...

So cute- Fab india kurtas is it?

puffed rice is a BIG hot with toddlers

and yes i agree - i too do not like that shirt

artnavy said...

tagged you

itchingtowrite said...

coffee/art- thanks, actually it was several sizes too big but hubby was insisting on the traditional wear for pongal. had to do multiple folds for the pajama
kk- they are not their video-genic best / photogenic best when they see the camera. v difficult to capture the real good ones
priya- both promptly pray when they see the pooja ghar or any statue in the store
@/ orchid- the shirt has a gilded history- my mom's sari to my brother's night shirt passed on to my kids
cardamom/ mom of 2 - :)
gabdu's mom- welcome here too. keep coming- i'll look forward to your inputs
sm- sooo sweet of ananya - they do rcognize packets- mine like teh aloo bhujiya / lays

IdeaSmith said...

Ha! You have a metrosexual man in-the-making who doesn't like Indian prints and prefers bright orange solids instead?? LOL....I just love your kids!

Has to be me said...

Hmmm Fab India models in the making eh?! ;)
lovely pics there!
Many of their stunts sound similar to that of my daughter!

Karthik B.S. said...

//“ you handle this bugger… he is talking crap" .//

sheer comedy! :)

and yeah.. those kids look awesome! Cutie PIE! :)

Fuzzylogic said...

They look so adorable in those kurtha pajamas.And the little one praying is so cute.I can go on gushing about how sweet they look but most of all it's the look on Ojas's face which caught my attention the most.He really seems to have such a opinion already on his clothes and may I say rightly so,I do agree with his choice:)He will soon be having his say in his wardrobe choices no doubt!

the mad momma said...

I love their fabindia kurtas! my son wore his for durga puja and diwali... i must hunt for pics!