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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Counting My Blessings 2006

A question-answer session with myself

Q Overall what did you achieve as an individual wearing different hats?A
a) Myself- my number one achievement would be discovering a new therapeutic hobby – blogging- something that keeps me occupied and makes me look forward to opening the I-Explore window every morning. I have become much more social and widened my perspective and knowledge through blogging. I am able to express myself and my views with more ease than I have ever done before.
New beginnings- changed my job after more than 7 years –a sea change from being a vintage / fossil to a green horn in the new place. Have started driving regularly inspite of advices of hiring a driver and got over the initial jitters- a long way to go before I become an accomplished driver but still a good start.
Assumed the role of the Secretary to the resident association- the reason is not the accolade but as a responsible owner who holds stakes. Managed to get new security system enforced, organize get together and contests for kids and do a lot of problem solving
My approach to time utilization has taken a new dimension- every available minute is more or less utilized. This year I want to take it slow as the kids give me more breathing space.
Regularised my reading- brought that funky bookmark out of storage. Plan never to put it back again

b) Mom- 1st Nov 2005 I graduated to being a Mom. 2006 I have gained work experience and have matured in approach towards it from 05 to 06. From advice based rearing of kids to tailored approach, education specific play to play hard whenever we get the opportunity, just for the sake of the laugh, toys as a pacifier to toys that build an emotional connect- both are developing their favourites, from cautious and over protection to letting go. Made a new beginning on 1st Jan 2007- instead of the daily walk on their stroller, I let them loose in the complex without worrying about they getting dirty or picking germs- they had a ball chasing each other, following the other kids and trying to snatch their cycle/ bubble blowing toy. While we did apply and are waitlisted for their admissions for 2010, I am not too worried, as there are other schools that will give a fair chance when they reach the right age.

c) Wife- a much neglected hat – the Mom hat takes up most of the time. Inspite of being on extended maternity leave; I simply did not have the time, due to being full time with the kids. Wish together we had made use of the opportunity by me letting go as a Mom and hubby letting that deadline pass sometimes- Progress on that front too- While I missed my 2005 anniversary lunch – left home at 3 pm only after taking care of the needs of the month old kids, I have graduated and managed a movie and dinner too this year. No regrets but wish I had worn the wife hat more no of times or rather we had worn the couple hat on more occasions

d) Daughter/ DIL/ Sister- Taken more than given I guess, with all the support from their front on bringing up babies.

e) Employee- On leave most of the year therefore may not have helped deliver the numbers. Work had slid down in my priority list but after 6 months of continuing in limbo, I was rearing to go. I needed a new beginning and therefore took the risk and moved jobs- am glad I did- for the confidence it gave me. While the initial response to my inputs have been good, I need to find ways to not rest on my laurels and reinvent myself over 2007 - For the 1st time in life I am at the receiving end of company paid perks and flexitime rules and am enjoying it to the hilt. Managed to leave the kids for 3 days and 2 nights. Note to myself- be passionate about your work but do not let it take over your life and remember- the kids and family are more important- before going that extra mile, think about them

f) Social Animal- Did only a few dinners largely (wo)manned by Mom/ MIL. Attended only 1 wedding out of many – local and without kids, did one travel to Delhi- Patna and one to Pondicherry – with kids. From shopping without kids or with kids plus support, have moved to “hum do hamare do”- we two our two outings, locally off course. Have networked with friends and even managed to meet two of them over dinner- 1 alone and 1 with family. Plan to do that atleast once a month- alone.

g) Home Manager- becoming better at it by the day- in terms of task allocation, result orientation, control- high sounding words- add the word maid to them and the picture gets clearer

Q For the Family what were the high points?
A Hubby’s promotions, increase in international travel destinations, he finally owning my dream car- Innova, Starting our business, babies’ first (air) travel, 1st birthday party

Q Looking forward to 2007
A Living it up with my kids- no compromise on that front, more quality time with hubby, Cook atleast 1 dish every month that I have not tried before and make my menu more interesting, Finally kick-started exercising this morning, Talwalkers will be the next destination for weight loss once I get those muscles moving and the kilos shedding – after all why pay them to do the initial water loss, Thereafter change of wardrobe- include the Sari and re-introduce trousers to my office wear and regularise my grooming routine, Swift, Buck up on work front and swiften the learning process.

Credits- Thanks ArtNavy for your post that helped crystalize my thoughts


artnavy said...

you go girl!!
ten on ten on this one

Also upgrade your blog won't you?

Something to Say said...

good stuff itchy.

Rio said...

awesome list! happy new year :)

Coffee said...

Way to go dear!!!!! What an awesome post :)
For your cooking, you can come to my blog if you wish you :P ;)

Kalpana said...

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great recap of 2006... good luck with your 2007 goals :)

How do we know said...

Nicely done post dear!! Very nicely done indeed!

Anonymous said...

You do wear so many hats with such grace that it does make it look easy but I know it must have been hard.Hope you have a great year ahead of you and be able to meet all the goals you have set for yourself.Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

you run a business? and have a full time job? and are a mother of twin-toddlers? and bldg Secretary?
Are you one person???


Happy New Year, I2W!! Glad you're among my regular reads :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post.Introspection does a lot of good.

Rohini said...

Hope you have an equally memorable 2007!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!Now those r way too many roles,ok, working and being a mommy, and sis and daughter, and wife is fine, but being the society secretary is just an extra hat!!!And yes, why r we forgetting ur regular posts?
Hats off to u yaar :)

theanalogkid said...

ok frankly.. honestly.. being the lazy bum that i am.. i cant read anything thats more than 15 lines in a blog post.. i understand that you have posted something about the new year, so.. happy new year and wish you a great 2007.

Orchid said...

will check back on the weight loss progress in a few weeks..more so because I am myself looking some serious motivation. Also, the new-dish-once-a-month is an awesome idea..I have started taking a renewed interest in cookign thanks to all the food blogs. Enjoy!

theanalogkid said...

ok whew.. i read it finally. noticed that there are no lows or not much lows at all. good to see you are seeing only highs. kudos. :)

Has to be me said...

cool post! Well done! Nice self review. I do it each yr on myself but lazy to publish the same! :)

apu said...

Hey that was a very nice one ! I havent visited you for some time, and I see your blog has been moving regularly :)

Way to go, girl !

apu said...

And, I now subscribe to your RSS, so you can expect to see me here a lot more regularly :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Thts a real good post.. :)
1st time here :)

Nice blog.. :) Keep writing..

mommyof2 said...

great post:-)Hope u will have great 2007:-)

Anonymous said...

nice post....have a great 2007!