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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Humour in the Family

R Jokes
Me- You must come back home (after playing) at 6.00 pm.
R- How will I know the time, I don’t wear a watch
Me- Come back before the street lights are switched on (which used to be between 6.00 pm & 6.15 pm)
After R came back home at 6.45 pm
Me- Why did you come so late
R- You only asked to come after street lights are on, and I have come back home as soon as the street lights were switched on
That day there had been a power cut …

Mom- eat your daal (pulses)
R- why, if I do not eat daal will somewhere some volcano will erupt
Obviously under the influence of too many chacha chowdhry comics where somewhere some volcano erupts when Sabu gets angry.

R woke up in the morning and started reading champak comic. As a result he was delayed, missed his school bus and came back home, dejected, head down waiting for the barrage from Mom
Mom (shouting sarcastically) - Go keep your school bag in your room and sit and read champak
R did exactly as told

*R is my brother

M Jokes
Me, while coaching her in Physics after passing class 10 – Where should a shaving mirror be placed – the answer was obviously to be given in terms of concave mirror, focal point etc.
M held her hand in front of her face and indicated where

*M is my sister

R-S Jokes
1. I have practically forgotten that my name is R (during the marriage talks). People always say “the boy” will go and meet the girl or all depends on whether “the boy” likes the girl, instead of saying “R” will go and meet “girl’s name”- fill in the blanks

2. R- I can see the entire Delhi on my cycle
S- Me too
R- How come? You don’t know how to ride a bicycle
S- Sitting behind you

3. Mom- S, you must study well. See how your Dad can easily buy things for you because he has studied well and is earning well. Similarly what will you do when your children ask you for toys, books etc?
S- I will say go beta (son) go, ask your Grandfather

4. R my cousin to R my brother- If you go to the toilet in my (residential) college now, you will take 2 buckets of water, one to flush off the previous fellow’s shit and the 2nd for yours. After spending 6 months there, you will manage with 1 bucket.
R my brother- Why?
R my cousin- because as you get used to this lifestyle, you will flush out only the previous fellow’s shit.

*R-S are my cousins

N-Sh-A Jokes
We all know the adage that a girl and her aunt (father’s sister) are considered to be similar in many aspects as they belong to the same family. And since like forces repel…
Background- Sh’s Mother is N’s Aunt (father’s sister)
N, teasing Sh- you resemble your aunt (father’s sister)
Sh- obviously not very thrilled- No I don’t … and retorted- infact “you” resemble “your” aunt (who is Sh’s mother ultimately)

A to his sister Sh while fighting- why are you hitting me with so much force?
As if it was ok if she hit him softly while fighting- I mean, why would she bother about that?

N, Sh, A are my cousins


Orchid said...

:) the N-sh piece was a bit of a brain teaser, I must add

KK said...

hehehe funny!!
//R- You only asked to come after street lights are on, and I have come back home as soon as the street lights were switched on
That day there had been a power cut …//
I liked this the most :)

Fuzzylogic said...

Lol,this was cute!I especially liked S telling that he will tell his beta to go ask his grandfather:)My first reaction was ewww for that R-R toilet joke!

Usha said...

Wow I can imagine what a riot your family get togethers were!

Noodlehead said...

hahaha! looks like something out of a humor column in a magazine :) i particularly like the cycle one and the go-ask-your-grandfather...rotfl!

Alan said...

Hee Hee Hee. Sounds like a very funny family. Cousin R and Cousin S are a real laugh riot. Loved the bucket one.

artnavy said...


so funny and fun to be in such company

Inder said...


Something to Say said...

ha ha good stuff!

Sush said...

well-captured moments...

Coffee said...

LOL LOL LOL.... Lovely post I2W :)

my life.... said...

haha its hilarious... the street lights... well ist good to have a sense of humour in a family...its vital esp if one wants to foster good relationship ... i like this post :)

mommyof2 said...

lol! funny family there:-)