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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tat You

Polite aren’t we? I said thank you to Tejas and he replied- Tat Youuu.
• Auditors in the making- Many times during the day they open the cupboard where the dustbin is housed and stand and carry out their inspection peeking into the nooks and corners and even tried to poke into the rubbish
• We are getting independent – they can sit quietly through out the drive on the seats with the safety belt clasped- child seats?? nahh
• We drove mamma and dadda mad- they were all over the place during the office party and became generally the talk of the town that day
• We plan the walks- they decide where they want to go during their evening walks- mostly outside the complex gate or where the kids are playing
\ • Don’t you stuff our mouths with that food- they like to do the hand to mouth thing. They will take the food in their hand and self feed. They like it if fed on the tricycle
• Future chefs?- they will sit on the kitchen floor and throw all the vessels out

• Ponga Pundits- (Faux priests)- they religiously give company to daddy during puja and touch their head on to the floor
• Tata- when we leave for work, they give a polite tata but otherwise a riot happens behind the closed main door/ bathroom door/ bedroom door- it’s generally considered impolite to close the door and egos are hurt when the kitchen entrance is blocked
• We know what makes them tick- when we do not respond to their so called requests their way to elicit a quick one is to fall nose down on the floor and lick it or hit the floor with the head or run and fall on the floor or simply stand, jump and sit on the floor with a thud to hit the bum. If on bed do a free fall albeit carefully
• Ride the sympathy wave- if one gets hurt and is been getting all the affection, try and fall down, cry and run to the available person for sympathy
• Friendly Neighbourhood- today they were holding hands when they woke up in the morning.


Has to be me said...

chuveet....Im able 2 relate most of what u;ve mentioned with my daughter! :) Its so much fun to watch them do these kinda things!
BTW do they both fight?!

B o o said...

Aww.. The pics are so cute! The second one especially! Is that Tejas with his head on the floor?

SM said...

My little terror brings me so much joy,you are truly blessed to have 2 of them.They are so sweet.I am curious abt the hair-is the difference in the styles intentional or does one of them have a thicker head of hair than the other?

Something to Say said...

o this is soooo cute.....I have one mischief monger here.... imagine 2 together :)

orchid said...

thanks for the sneak peak in to your life. I used ot wish for twins when I was pregnant and oh! just wait till they start talking, if you aren't already having fun then you surely will then :) with the non-stop banter, that is.

Fuzzylogic said...

I am getting a sneak peak of things I can expect soon from my little girl from your post!This was really sweet,your 2 boys look adorable.The kids do bring such a whole amount of joy into our lives.

IdeaSmith said...

LOL...the babies are adorable and post is howlarious! In the words of a wise machine..I'll be back!

itchingtowrite said...

has to be me- off course they fight! even if there are 2 idenical toys- same color and all they fight for the same one- don't know how they differentiate
boo- welcome. yes its indeed tejas wih hesd down. thts how they pray also
sm- welcome. thanks for dropping. their hair styles are different right frm birth
something to say -;) its fun though
fuzzy logic- its too cute when they start talking words
orchid- they love to talk on the phone too
ideasmith- thanks for dropping. do keep coming

Noodlehead said...

cute....looking forward to baby being born. 4 months to go! :))

iz said...

Hey I just blogrolled you. Hope 'tis ok.

artnavy said...

That is soooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet- for a minute i thought they were dressed in frocks on the second picture

itchingtowrite said...

noodlehead- all the best
iz- thanks, i am touched

Usha said...

fall nose down on the floor and lick it or hit the floor - Now that can be scary!
Ride the sympathy wave- hehehehe..

and what is the little acrobat doing in the pic! a tantrum or a gimmick!