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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Watch Out For…

KideX 2006 was organized by CII at Chennai Trade centre on 22-24 Dec’06. It was a 3-day exhibition of products related to kids- right from Alphabet Blocks to X-Box. A conference on Friday concluded the event. There were delegates from various organizations like Britannia, NIIT, Star India, Pidilite, Lowe, The School- KFI, to name a few that spoke on the theme- Child is the Father of Man. A few students represented their schools and spoke on the theme too mainly referring to what makes them tick.

I gathered the following for future reference at the expo-
1. Chandamama – the magazine with a collection of stories that used to seem to go on and on. I used to love the Vikram and Vetaal esp but I vaguely remember that there were many ghost stories in the whole book. Price- Rs 180 for 12 issues. For subscriptions, mail to –,
2. Young Scientists- 60 page science comic magazine- on basic science in three broad levels for class 1 through 7. Price- Rs 500 for 10 issues. Mail to-,
3. Monster Club- Located at Abhinav Centre, No 4, Co-operative colony, Alwarpet, Chennai-18. Ph- 18004256786, 044- 32977482. - Library for kids between 1 to 14 years of age. Variety of books available and also special rates for purchase and even a buy back scheme. Mail to-, Rates- Rs 1200 for 1 year
4. Geo Junior- Magazine for age group- 7-14 that captures the essence of earth matters
5. Disney Adventures- 100 page magazine for kids, talking of a variety of subjects- science, brain games, technology, details of schools, humour, art & craft, sports etc. mail to-
6. Kiddoscope- Party Planner- mail to, 9840051068, 044-42604468
Currently Reading John Grisham's King of Torts. Half way through and the going has been good. Ihad bought a whole lot of Grisham's at the bargain counter of landmark and never got around to reading them. Expectations were high from my side after The Runaway Jury that I had read long time ago, the movie fails to do justice to the book though. After reading Last Juror, which was quite boring in parts, I really needed a break from Grisham but I am back on it.
Went to Odyssey to check the new releases and discovered that there is an offer of select 3 books and get the lowest priced one free. Did a chance discovery of books by Geoffrey Archer located just below the Jeffery Archer collection. I had never heard of the author. Any reviews on his books?


artnavy said...

Interesting collection of links

If it were India I would think geoffery is jeffery with numerology changes done on the name

Anonymous said...

thanks for the very useful list of subscriptions.

Anonymous said...

Your mention of chandamama brought back my childhood memories,it used to be my favorite and whenever we used to get it me and my brother used to end up fighting over it as to who gets to read first!I did check the site but it said some error.Thanks for the list.

I agree with you about the "Runaway jury" the film really didn't do any justice to the book.Infact many movies made based on the books don't even come close to that perfection.John Grisham used to be one of my favorites too but he got a bit too monotonous to me with every books,there were brilliant ones and then there were pretty sloppy ones.
Never heard of this Geoffrey archer,it reminded me however of how I ended up picking a book by Mary Sheldon which was just next to the Sidney Sheldon novels which turned out to be pretty bad.