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Monday, December 18, 2006

Ad lib Eloquence

Taking up Art Navy's tag...

Warmest ad
Hutch Pug Network

Most romantic ad
Titan ad – couple in restaurant
The Cadbury Girl
Archies Card
Close-up dance of yester years

Sexiest Ad
Gucci Rush
Liril aloe vera

Most Suprising Ad
St Gobain series
Radio Mirchi
Ad in which the truck driver is saving fuel by asking people to push the vehicle- forgot the name of the ad….

Funniest Ad
Unequivocally The Amul hoardings

Funny Ad
Since funniest is occupied by Amul- I am forced to put this entry
May be you should try the beach café…Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb…
KBC II Ads umeed se duguna- annoying yet funny

Cleverest Ad
Fevicol hen-egg
Matching- Not Matching- FAL dark circles- only Fair & Lovely ad that was not offensive and conveyed the idea therefore clever…
Maruti True Value- kids come with toy cars for exchanging
Mileaaaaaaage- annoying but clever
Kamasutra- what were you thinking of?

Mocking Ad
Sprite all taste no gyan
Sunsilk – Time kya hua – iske baal dekhkar- 4 baje hain…

Stupidest Ad
paan pasand- shadi aur tumse, kabhi nahin
Rajnigandha paan masala- munh mein rajnigandha kadmon mein duniya- what crap
Clinic- Vipasha basu/John Abraham
Fridge si thandi mein garmahat- Dollar thermal wear
The list is going on & on…

Most Offensive ad
Fair and Lovely -coffee ad/ Ayurvedic fair & lovely- beauty company ad
Kaua kala – hair dye ad

One that gave Goosebumps
Raymonds Ads – all of them

Social ad that left a lump in the throat
Eye donation ads

Lost in Translation
Detergent ad in Print in Islam countries- dirty clothes in the left, detergent in the middle and clean clothes on the right- They read from right to left!!

Favourite Mnemonic
Maharaja - Air India/ Appu- Asiad
Louis mosquito- I like the pride in his work that he displays
Also the acidity / headache following the sufferer
Vicks Khitch khitch

Earliest Jingle you recollect
Washing Powder Nirma/ OK –OK aa Tata ka OK/ Lifebuoy

Earliest Ad you recollect
Colgate- Saans ki badbu pareshani…

Jingle of your teens
Har baat hoti man chaahi- Ponds DF Talc/ Deewana Banati ho- Pond’s Dream flower Magic

Jingle of today
Kya Aap Close Up karte hain?

Favourite kids in Ads
the naughty boy in Vaseline all through his growing up years, jalebi boy, surf excel siblings, eureka – isse kya hota hai

Grooviest Man/ Woman in any ad
Siyaram Guy- early ones
Oil of Olay- old one

Annoying Ad
Harpic esp during dinner time
Itch Guard

Nostalgic Ad
Krackjack- Kittu Gidwani etc

Favourite Ad Animal
Hutch Pug, Wrinkled dog, jealous dog who scratches the CD


artnavy said...

Oye, me first!

Agree- the harpic one is really unbearable

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

O man!!!U made me think of ads which I had totally forgotten...good ones yaar..keep it up :)
N o yes, switch on the word verification thing yaar...these spams are so annoying :)

cardamom said...

That was quiet a list!!!..i am tempted to do this tag!! :D

Minal said...

.. and the pan pasand one.. so many of the ads that had completely forgotton about.

theanalogkid said...

Your Lost in Translation is a great pick.. awesome :)