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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tejas & Ojas @13 + Months

Time to make a quick update on my babes.
1. Tejas is cutting his 3rd upper tooth
2. Both prefer to walk rather than crawl
3. List of naughty stuff- try to roll on the gas regulator, open the water bubble tap, remove vessels from there storage and try to take the knife whenever possible
4. When we say “so jao” they will sleep wherever they are or they will bring a pillow or a soft toy each and sleep on it- acting off course
5. When we ask where is Christmas Star, they point upwards and Tejas even says – E Taaaaar may be meaning Star who knows?
6. The moment we say Hello Daddy they will take their hands to their ears.
7. They take our mobiles and place them on their ears and walk around muttering something
8. They love to play with the switch and say “aaaa” in appreciation if the light turns on
9. They point to the cupboard where I stock the homeopathic medicines and say Mama and ask for it
10. Tejas hugs Ojas and Ojas doesn’t like it even one bit. He feels threatened.
11. Ojas pulls at Tejas’ hair
12. If we snatch away a dangerous toy they lick the floor or bang their head on the floor in protest
13. When they want something they say – de de meaning give
14. They can switch on the TV
15. When I come back from office the response is not so enthusiastic as it used to be in the early days. May be they have got completely used to the routine
Below is the update by Tejas
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Anonymous said...

so jao and they just sleep off??? you shud get the parent of the year award for that!

liked the update..enjoy your holidays...

Anonymous said...

@ 13 m Tejas already blogs?
Here 's my response to him: mmmm. yum indeed!and hugs to the hugger.

my life.... said...

haha... so cute... teja blogs at 13months?? so cute

cardamom said...

This comment is for Tejas..not for you ITW..

Oijhkkk...mmmm..ittaarr,,lll "so jaa"

:D..tejas got it what i wanted to convey..!!:)) three cheers for the youngest blogger...Guiness guys are you ppl listenin.. i mean reading..:D..

How do we know said...

Th update by Tejas was lots more emlightening ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo cute !!

Something to Say said...

Seriously they just fall asleep??? just like that?? could you pls pass that mantra onto me? from 2 to 6 am last night I was trying to pat sonny to sleep......

Orchid said...

looks more like double fun than double trouble ?

Life Lover said...

your kid typed something on your blog..choooo csweet!!!

itchingtowrite said...

@- the sleeping is only for the benefit of the audience, they get up immediately
usha- oye.... from Tejas- his is what he says when he sees us with laptop or sees us after a long time
my life my life/ vin/ how do we know- thanks ;)
cardamom- tejas says ta ta
something to say- no no they dont sleep - they just put their head down... welcome to sleepless nights. try using the stroller/ pram for making sonny sleep
orchid- most of the time its fun but like today i wanted to get ready for office and my kid was not leaving me and going on smiling at my impatience. now how does one respond to that
life lover- oh he has a lot more potential he has stored contacts in my mobile also offcourse some vague nos

artnavy said...

very cute- notice more hindi vocab build up

Anush welcomes tejas to the kiddo blog world

mommyof2 said...

so cute:-)