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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Road Well Travelled

As I drive by I can see the traffic police waving us past the signal but don’t know why he suddenly decided that I should not be allowed to pass and just before I was going to cross he stopped us. I was cursing him mentally but as they say everything happens for the best, had I passed by I would have missed an episode that acted as a blogworthy balm to my auto/ taxi/ bus/ truck bruised soul. The same traffic cop stopped a taxi who was on the left lane on the Madhya Kailash signal and seeing that the right lane people were allowed to move before him took a sudden right without any warning. The good cop (previously bad cop for me)stopped him, detained him for a while and made him take a reverse and go back straight into SP road rather than taking the right to Tidel Park which he had done all of a sudden. Provedence eh!
If I had the time I would have showed a thumbs up to the cop.
As I pass by I can see more trees being felled along Raj Bhawan and I am told all of them will go to pave the way for the sea of humanity and teeming vehicles that go by it everyday. So much for the benevolent signs of “Tree Ahead” that the Ecotel Rain Tree put on each of the trees. Also I notice that the cops on this road at this time are much more vigilant so defaulters, be aware. The flyover happening at Kathipara junction near Le Meridian should hopefully regulate the traffic much better and for the uninitiated, I have learnt of a much easier and faster and most important scenic route from Kathipara to airport- go through Bhat Road, get into the Cantonment area and you can avoid the entire traffic.

As I listen to English songs on Radio City FM 91.1 (happens between 9-10 am and afternoon around 3 and somewhere after 5 pm there is hindi happening), I feel it is a good time to think of a post for the blog and most obvious one is an update on my driving skills–
I can be classified as a semi ass-hole driver now (excuse me for the use of the word).
1. I honk unnecessarily at the taxi/ auto in front of me when the light turns green as I know that if I would have been in front of me he would have done the same. I understand it’s rude to honk in many countries whereas in India honking is done as a warning so that they don’t hit you.
2. I don’t quail in fear as much as I used to before when the bully truck or bus drives past me almost threatening to shove me off the road/ median
3. I did the unpardonable offence- spoke on my cell while driving. Promise I‘ll never do it again and delete this line before my husband sees it.
4. I don’t allow the fellow to change lanes and come in front of me if he suddenly switches on the indicator- instead I honk honk honk and speed till he loses hope of getting the better of me
5. The combined time I drive in 1st & 2nd gear is less than the time I drive in 3rd & 4th gear
6. Instead of 45 minutes of commuting time, I now take 35- 40 minutes.
7. If the signal is green and I am a little away from the stop line, I am able to drive in speed and cross the finish line well before the light turns red.
8. I can overtake from the left now and am not mortally afraid of driving on the middle lane.
9. I can mentally created blog posts while driving
10. I can do an autorickshaw turn which means suddenly turn right angles and move to the next lane if you find that your lane is too long or blocked by a stopped vehicle/ red signal and the next lane is moving.

With this improvement in confidence level I can start planning on buying my new vehicle. Any reviews on Estello? Anyone rate Wagon N dual, Swift, Estello & Indica both petrol & diesel for me please.
Does anyone know of an authentic homeopathic shop around adyar- the one that sells the german ones? The one I buy at basement of Ambika Appalam depot building seems to be ineffective. I repeatedly need to tell them to add extra drops in the globule as they don't smell or taste medicinal at all.


Inder said...

i am happy to let the bus drivers to drive me to places :D

Something to Say said...

I am a non-driver - and as am hazaar impressed with anyone who can drive - esp in India.
You know when I was learning driving in India once - I was on the road with my instructor - one guy on moped comes from behind and yells at me - for trying to learn driving on the main road. So I tell my instructor - I'm going to change gears now - I just wanna go and bump that stupid moped guy - who the hell does he think, yelling at me?
Americans shud be glad - I never learnt driving....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

check out getz... or go for swift..
estello s not dat great lookin

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you would fit right in driving in Seattle. However, it's best to lay off the horn, it's a good way to get shot around here.

Has to be me said...

Oopsy! I'll watch out when u drive! ;)

I heard Dr Batras is good tho i;vent been there.

I normally buy my homeo stuff from The homeo clinic on royapettah high road (opp the anjaneya temple). I think its good there.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! You do all that on the road??? man!! I guess I gotta stay away from you when you drive. :)

Hip Grandma said...

You seem to be getting better each day.The only way to treat our Indian drivers is to better them at honking,overtaking and mumbling under your breath.good job,keep it up.

Anonymous said...

lolz..funny incidence!

The Visitor said...


Go in for the Swift - I heard an excellent review of it. And by the way this comment was to wish you, your husband and the 2 cuties

A Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


itchingtowrite said...

inder- bus is indeed convenient but not the ride always with the crowd who is ready to sit on your seat
someything to say- hey a friend of mine after learning to drive was driving her car. while changing gears she expected her husband to press the clutch form the passanger side- as the driving school instructors do
anon- go to hell next
anon 2- i know its u little bro- swift is definitely on the cards
alan- thanks for the input.
has to be me- does batras sell OTC too? we were to meet right? let me know
kk- u bet
hip grandma- yes true. if u cant beat them. join them
white forest :)
visitor- test drove the swift y'day. thanls for stopping by after such a long gap

Orchid said...

Talk about multi-tasking, i doubt if it could get any better!

artnavy said...

When are u taking me for a drive - note use of words- not a ride