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Friday, October 11, 2013

Thank You

Thank You to all those who wrote to me and commented on my post. I felt extremely reassured that the injury could be in fact healed. People shared their experiences and recommended doctors to who I could go to and it all helped me a lot morally and emotionally.

In fact my neighbours also came all out and helped me with the school drop for Ojas while I was going to the clinic morning and evening.

They took care of Tejas when my MIL would go to school to pick Ojas up.

It broke my heart every time I saw him with a bandage on his eye, yet to his credit, he was very cooperative and never gave me grief on his condition.

Everyone including the cable wallah, milk man, driver, courier wallah, kids in the building asked after him but to my surprise, our neighbour who saw him with a bandage on his eye never asked me what happened to his eye. Such a callous attitude.

i was flooded with calls, whats app and BBM messages asking about Tejas and it gave me a lot of strength and support.

My colleagues, including my regional bosses who happened to be in town were also very solicitous.

We went for the vision test two days ago and the doctor has given an all clear for Tejas' eye.
However I still have to put the tear drops eye drop for him otherwise all is ok.


mim said...

great news!

Sandeep Ahire said...


Prarich said...

Brave boy!