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Monday, October 07, 2013

High Five On Reaching the Age of Five- Sponsored Post

Gondappa is a triumphant person today.

His child has reached the age of five. This is the first child of his that managed to reach this age.
All thanks to Lifebuoy's hand washing program which included a focused initiative in the village of Thesgora to help children reach the age of five.

The initiative was also endorsed by lead actor Kajol who supported the campaign with her voice.
To celebrate his child's fifth birthday, Gondappa does a triumphant hand walk in his village thus symbolising that health and strength lies in our hands only.  

The more we wash our hands, the healthier we are and therefore the emphasis on washing hands with Lifebuoy has been the key for the children of the village to cross the age of five, which had been very difficult so far because most of them got afflicted by diarrhoea which is entirely preventable just by keeping the hands clean.

Starting with Thesgora , Lifebuoy aims to reach out to other villages through a series of on-the-ground charity work, to help more children reach their fifth birthday and cross that threshold also.
15th October is Global Handwashing day. 

Global Handwashing is endorsed by a wide array of governments, international institutions, civil society organizations, NGOs, private companies, and individuals all of whom believe that children are the best targets to this campaign because they are open and receptive to new ideas and would take them on enthusiastically.

The risk of diarrhoea  is reduced by  42-47% just by washing hands. 

Please visit the brand website for more information.

Post sponsored by Lifebuoy

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WomanBuzz said...

I think ads which encourage healthy habits even if made for a commercial gain like Lifebouy are beneficial to society.