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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Notes

2012 has been a fun filled ride both at work and in personal life.

Right from the word go it was a busy year on the work front. I list out work first because this part worked out very beneficial for me across the board. Most important was I got to go to Europe. (yay!),. yes I am shallow that way. Finally working in this industry I got to go to Paris and also Germany, albeit a small village but still. 

Even as I say so myself, I did manage to pass the test in the (old-new) job and I don't hesitate to add that I hope I successfully proved my worth and was able to make a difference. 

We managed to finally utilize our Club Mahindra membership and had a fun filled drive to Goa. Yes, manzil se acche lagne lage raaste!! The drive was part of the entire fun.

I also started what I call my greatest dream of all. I joined my kids in learning the keyboard. Even if I am not greatly successful, I only hope that my kids will show greatness in it.

Talking of classes, we finally enrolled kids into cricket and drawing classes as well so that our weekends are packed but the routine has helped me run my household and weekend much more smoothly than ever before.

Health came up as my biggest focus and the toughest challenge. No matter what the weight refuses to come down and as a way of lifestyle we have switched to salad lunches on weekend afternoons, I have started carrying my own salad lunch and gymming with great gusto. We have decided not to focus on food hereafter and have greatly cut down on outside food unless needed. 

Here is wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013

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