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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Movie Watching with Kids Then and Now

Then- objectives were to eat popcorn, kurkure, chips, drink water, go to the loo and maybe watch movie sometimes on their seat and sometimes on our laps. They would also walk from one seat till the last as we would usually take an empty row for our family. They would sometimes shut their eyes and ears due to the noise.

Now- Objectives are

1. to watch movie and ask loud questions like what will happen in the end. We watched Life of Pi last week and I was plied with questions of this nature multiple times. Finally I said I don't know. Says Ojas- you have read the book, you should know.
Said Mamma- This is different from the book.
after a while...
Ojas- why did this happen
Me- because it is written in the book
Ojas- you only said the book and movie are different.

2. Eat popcorn, chips and the loudly ask for the hot dog which I did not give him for a bite. Continue asking for hot dog till the very end of the movie.

3. When I explain everything is acting not real, they say, But I am not afraid.

4. On seeing the lion and goat scene
Woh Mutton ban gaya?

5. ask random questions about other characters. What happened to the mother? 
I said - she is on a different boat.
Ojas- why didn't they show her
Me- because this is Pi's story
Ojas- why did they select Pi's story for movie and not teh Mother's 

6. Next day and till many days later, ask the name of the characters repeatedly.



Sumana said...

Ahh tell me about it. I blogged about something similar as well.

Sunita said...

That sounds so familiar. I hate missing dialogues, especially when there are no subtitles so I try evading with vague answers to cut it short and crisp but that has never been. I generally just switch off the TV after a while, that way I dont have to go through the torture of watching handsome people smiling/grinning and not getting it and can avoid the questions-answer round.