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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magical Number 9

The Anniversary lunch was done at Kabab Factory. Of course I had promised myself that I will not go there because it had become so exorbitant. But the weekend offer had a child free for every two adults and they were charging only half for the other child. Their half rate for children is usually a moving target. Some times they charge half sometimes they charge nothing until 8 years or sometimes they say pay for only one child. Which is why I always ask and then book. 
Anyway it was fun and the food was awesome as usual. 6 Kababs, 2 lamb, 2 chicken, a fish and a prawn apart from usual biriyani etc and a platter of desserts including interesting ones like kulfi and cashew kheer.

The sorbet was very popular with the kids and the anise flavoured afghani bread and the saffron flavoured bread was very popular with yours truly.
The lamb chops were a disappointment as they were only chops no lamb meat. 

Apart from that, a key board was purchased which has been untouched by the kids so far. I guess I will have to move my backside and get myself a teacher too. 

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