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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ojas Tejas Update

A day before their birthday- Checklist
1. Can sing "Happy ...To You"- my attempt to get them used to the birthday idea for the entire month succeeded
2. Can point correctly at all the objects in their many bookch and even the corresponding physical object. Doesn't matter if clock is pointed as watch or clock both.
3. They still use their bottle because they fell ill mid way during the weaning process.
4. New words part of their vocab - even wothout looking at their bookch- cucumber, peacoch, goosie (goose), paapio (buffalo)...
5. They know which book carries what pictures - they judge by the cover!
6. They mention duggi in their sleep. Infact they do not antagonise him so much.
7. They expect that thy would be taken out if they wear their chappas.
8. They know where the chocolate (chockache) is stored in the fridge.
9. They ask for Thanda Pani (cold water from the fridge)
10. They can demand for bikku (biscuit) and eat peanut - jaggery balls in many numbers.
11. They love chickich (chicken) and I guess they can smell it. I opened a box of fish curry and Ojas immediately asked for chickich
12. They can dance to Goochy (goosie goosie gander) and are you sleeping rhymes.
13. They can get fooled by Duggi who distracts them and when they follow him to a corner, he runs back and occupies their rocking chair.
14. They are still not toilet trained to my distress. They can ask for eveything they want but cannot say that they want to do potty.
15. They use a pencil or a pen as the stylus for mobile phones.


Sukhaloka said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Happy birthday Ojas and Tejas. Hope you mom has arranged a big birthday bash for you both :)

Shobana said...

A very merry birthday to O&T. Write all about the b'day. Love to you guys.

Shobana said...

A very merry birthday to O&T. Write all about the b'day. Love to you guys.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Happy b'day to the twins! So, i2w did u figure out how u are going to handle the gift situation?

Still Searching said...

Happy birthday to both of them!! So cool that they are also Scorps like me! But its a handful for the mothers! :))

Timepass said...

Dear Ojas and Tejas,
Wish You a Happy Birthday

Itchingtowrite said...

Thank you so much for the sweet wishes and Thanks Fuzzy and Ina for the lovely card!!