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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Engagement Tag

Dotmom tagged me with the engagement tag- I had been dreading it and since it is rude to refuse, here goes the official version...
We had been in MBA together. The genesis of the friendship started with a few forced ganging ups like-
  • The Leo birthday Treat for the class
  • Fashion Show participation in JIPMER fest where MBA's are separate invitees and participate separately from the University
  • Dbase classes where Hubby was the mentor for our group and we had to do a team project.

We girls used to do everything in a group atleast for the 1st year- you know how it is when you are few in number in a class. Luckily, all 8 girls liked to talk to him and therefore we soon formed a gang comprising most of the girls and some of the guys of the class.

Through the 2nd year, there came a series of functions and industry interfaces where we worked together, being a part of the management cell. While we liked to talk to each other we were not officially going around. In our senior batch(es), most of the students were together with somebody or the other may be out of sheer peer pressure! For exactly the same reason we were not together. Every interaction was in a group because of this strange inter class bonding that existed in our batch.

Neither of us took the first step perhaps because we felt it was too early to commit and wanted to check whether it would be a case of "out of sight, out of mind/ heart".

Once out of college, secure in our jobs, we realized we still wanted to see each other, and it was possible due to proximity.

Officially, he maintains that I proposed and I maintain that he proposed. And there is no way anyone can verify. While I have the advantage of having a blog where I can speak out the truth, I choose not to make use of it and let the same version remain on the post.

We took our time to get actually married, due to a myriad of reasons. But once the families were confortable with the idea and we comfortable with the position our career was we actually got engaged 2 days before the wedding.

I still bemoan the fact that I did not have a long enough courtship period. Quite an understatement since we married 4 years after being out of college.

But the courtship period after publicly wearing the ring has a different flavour to it.

No more looking behind your shoulders, no more making excuses for absence, no more being caught by colleagues/ friends at movies/ restaurants/ beaches.

Infact my CEO's son used to regularly report to my CEO on my weekend beach visits. Most Mondays my CEO used to greet me with words- Saturday, beach, boyfriend, my son saw.

No more people asking annoyingly when the marriage is.

No more advices on get married soon

No more suggestions of eligible bachelors in our community

Infact the habit of scanning the surroundings so that we could avoid some troublesome known faces became so ingrained that I found myself doing that even after marriage for a while.

I tag ArtNavy, Twisted DNA, STS, Hiphopgrandmaom


Noodlehead said...

i wonder what the unoffical version is ;) thanks for sharing this!

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

That is such a nice story, esp te looking over your shoulders part ;)

Sukhaloka said...

That's a nice story.

Glad you also advocate not getting married until economic stability is ensured.
And as for bachelors being thrust in our faces - lordy, lordy! Since the family is bent on denying the relationship I'm in, I just hope they don't start pulling the "arranged marriage" act!

Itchingtowrite said...

noodlehead!- unofficial version wud be the exact dialogue when the proposing happened.. the way it was done, it is difficult to say who proposed to whom...though i am pretty clear it was he who proposed

Hip Grandma said...

Wish you had given the unofficial version.Wud've been interesting and who knows we might have endorsed your claim.Well mine was an arranged marriage but nevertheless intersting in its own way.Memories of the day wanted me to run home for months after reaching Jamshedpur.Will share the story soon

Savani said...

thanks for taking up the tag.. wanted to know what the unofficial version is!

but that's the fun tight? the whole chase secrecy thing! :) great story!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Good story, good narration!

Collection Of Stars said...

That was sweet :)

Just Like That said...

YOur story reminds me a little of mine, will post it soon.