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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Miss You

As I drive down to work, I notice that the buildings on the left side of Sardar Patel road, right before Alexandar Square is much more visible that what it was before I also notice that the road looks brighter and the sun is streaming down unrestricted. And then it suddenly hit me as I saw the remaining boughs of the giant trees that used to border the SP road. Yes I miss you- all you trees that have been cut down brutally to make way for the snarling traffic, a number that is ever growing and to which I have also contributed by taking a job on this part of the town. To make life easier for us commuters, the trees have to be sacrificed. And I question, has there been an equal number of trees planted elsewhere to make up for this loss in the ecosystem? If this continues, what legacy on this earth are we leaving for our progeny? Questions to which, unfortunately, I have no answers!

And I set about thinking the other stuff I have been missing nowadays. And as it often happens, the thoughts move to blogworld. To list out specifically, I am missing Hip hop grandmom who is grounded because of system problems, Visitor who is lost in action- please come back and enlighten us with new blog fodder, or atleast tell us what form have you assumed in blogworld, Twisted DNA who has not been blogging as regularly as before he went to his holiday. hariwho used to be a regular visitor even if he did not blog as regularly and gave food for thought every weekend, K’s exploits from k’s mom, has to be me’s views on a wide variety of topics, Sush who is busy with her pre and post wedding, apu and appu are not enlightening us with the corporate world and otherwise (and btw I miss apu’s stories/ serials), ammani’s QT, kk and his brainwaves, patti and control freak who started well and did not move beyond the 1st gear, the kid’s out of the blue thoughts and tales. I am missing all the posts containing burning topics, hot topics and controversial topics.

Life has been pretty dull in the blog world. I guess other priorities and lack of time.
And to top it all I have been missing the most frequent and regular visitors on my blog. My last post had 2 comments out of which one was a spam and one was from artnavy whom I bulldozed personally into commenting.
My earnest request to my blog friends on the left column- come back please!!

Just finished reading Cat'o'nine tales. If not anything else, prison sentence has helped Jeffery archer make a lot of money since he has relased atleast 4 books recounting his experiences. Prison Diaries - I, II, III which I have not read and off course, the one that I just finished reading. Liked the tales a lot esp the Indian one and the Chess one.
I am currrently readinbg C Rajagopalachari's rendering of the Ramayana that I had bought long ago for my collection. It's a good read unlike to what I thought it would be. I had not expected it to be as interesting as Mahabharata which i smore multidimensional. However I still feel that justice to all characters in Mahabharata has not been done, some of them just get a passing reference and could do with a more elaborate introduction.


Garam Bheja Fry said...

Holiday season in the bloggie world..comments have dried up..the same week old stale posts stare in your face when you visit your fellow bloggers..even mithun is not selling these days...:(
kyaa kare..

ADYAR widout trees OMG...?? I have been out of station for about a month now..sheeesh!! even sardar patel up in the heaven is frowning!! :(

Inder said...

trees in the adayar-guindy border cut??? that is sad :(

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

yes its bad to find that trees are felled to accomodate the ever-growing vehicular population..

I read your blogs regularly but didn't leave a comment. Sorry about that, so here is a comment from someone not on the left side of your blog :)

Something to Say said...

hey, your last blog was about ads - and since I havent seen many in the last 2 years felt incompetent to comment :(
but you are right - bloggers are resting their keypads in anticipation of the holiday season....

Anonymous said...

dear i2W, I'm still very much a regular visitor! fear not :) and I usually save my comments only for the baby related posts - because they tickle me the most! how are OJ & TJ, btw? write up a 13month update sometime!

The Kid said...

I have been terribly busy these days but I was reading your blog regularly. :)

Anonymous said...

"Life has been pretty dull in the blog world."

Well, I do what I can. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Not on the left column list, but I'll comment anyway. It is sad when the powers that be cut down all the old trees. Around here if someone finds a little pocket of trees, they'll soon be torn out and the spot stuffed with big houses that have no yards. On the flip side, if you check the pictures on my non-Bollywood blog, big trees can be a problem.

Anonymous said...

I commented on Art's blog as well...

Being the observant fellow that I am, I noticed that you and ArtNavy, have the same internet service, similar templates, both live in Chennai, work in marketing, and have an interest in fragrances. Are you two best friends or sisters maybe?

Anonymous said...

i wanna make a horror movie where the trees take revenge on humans and eat them alive.. its high time

Anonymous said...

I too have felt the same when they cut trees to widen the road. I missed one such tree on Haddows Road. I too have wondered if they plant a tree somewhere else when the cut a tree somewhere else.
You know what? Something told me that Its been a long time since I visited your blog. So I made it a point to see your blog today and found this post. I feel nice to know someone missed me. But Sorry for not being regular to your blog. Work is a bit hectic. Will try to drop in as frequently as possible. :)

ybr (alias ybrao a donkey) said...

Rajaji Ramayana is for children. It omits things "inconvenient to explain' such as Kausalya stabbing the sacrificial horse with three gold knives.". Kindly read the real Ramayana of Valmiki. If you want to omit inconvenient things, you can read Valmiki's rutu varnana which are master pieces, particularly when Rama was going behind herbs and shrubs asking them 'Tell me where my Sita is!'

ybr (alias ybrao a donkey) said...

Correct url for ramayana:

Patti said...

Hey...I know, I am stuck at the 1st gear, but hope to be back soon. But I visit ur blog regularly and I really enjoy it!! I think I am pretty confused on how a lot of stuff in blogging works..guess will call u soon and get some tips

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. i agree.. it has been dull in the blogging world...
me 2 feeling lazy to blog.... :-(... though i have many half written articles ready... just looks like i m bored... :-)

Itchingtowrite said...

hey people you have made my day by being a part of the comment section!
cardamom/ something to say- only place i wish does not hav holidays is blogland
inder- more being cut along sp road
kowsalya- welcome. thanks for leaving taking time to leave a comment.

@- ojas & Tejas are doing fine thanks. Their diaries are full. yesterday only they attended a birthday party. will do an update on them soon. Thanks for being around
kid- come back and do a good post again

alan- thanks for leaving a comment. I did see ur blog a few days ago and saw the pics of the fallen trees. and yes art is my ex-colleague and we used to sit across each other
analog- when i was young I used to always imagine trees moving around!
may be a revenge story wud be nice!
kk- good to hav u back & pl blog soon
multisub- thanks for the link. I will be there to look up the additions. I do agree that epics do have sections that are difficult to justify but they are a reflection of society and they are presented in a presentable manner to the reader without getting into graphic details. I would undertand that infertility treatment / artificial conception is dressed up and mentioned in both our epics whether it is the sons of Kunti or sons of Dasrath all are born out of some other means than normal....its upto us to accept the good and ignore the parts that are not good/ in synch with our thinking
patti- nice to know that u r regularly visiting. now do your two bit and comment!!! and move beyond the 1st gear before u run out of petrol(steam/ gas) take it anyway u want!!
and alan before u r appalled at my language- patti is a good friend of mine and its accpetable if i talk to her like that!
vin- yes will look forward to the completed posts

Anonymous said...

I'm never appalled by language. I spent six years in the U.S. Navy and have pretty much heard everything. You should hear the way sailors talk to each other. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't. ;)

Has to be me said...

Hey, I've been missing blogging too! :s

Been v,.busy with my holiday & now i;ve got just a week more to get back & it is rather depressing to leave family & friends here. :(

I thot v (u, me & art) were 2 meet.....anycase....maybe next time.

Hugz 2 the boyz