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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weight Loss plans

One fine day I decided that his has gone too far. The weight just keeps on climbing at the sight of food even. I reached a point that I was so desperate that I enquired for the tummy tuck sessions and massages that promise you a flat tummy. I even considered liposuction much to the husband's alarm. 

So I have given myself a challenge last June. 4th of June to be precise. 10 kg deficit by September else I go for drastic measures.

However, this cannot be achieved by gym and exercise alone. So food control has become mandatory.

My first step was to see how I could manage a 1000- 1200 calorie food plan. I read up books and searched the Internet and found various theories that seemed to be based on conflicting principles. I spoke to several friends who have gone through weight loss.

Finally I decided to take it one step at a time. And this required tremendous patience.

I began to follow the below mentioned...

I had stopped all fried food like snacks and most of the processed stuff like biscuits. 
I resorted to snacking on roasted stuff like roasted gram, peanuts etc available at the bhunja walla. I keep a box of this at my workplace and add lots of chat masala and some salt to increase the trip to mouth factor.
I carried with me everyday to office fresh fruit yoghurt shake first with sugar then with honey. 
Soon as the body became more and more used to lesser food, I removed fruit juice from the daily menu and added buttermilk with lots of chat masala and asafoetida. 
I began to take a spoon full of flax seed.
I started snacking on almonds every morning for energy
I carry salads with lime dressing every day and some days I carry cut fruits.
I reduced the number of rotis to 1, began alternating oats for breakfast and reduced the amount of dinner intake.
I started eating roast chicken or fish salad for lunch every weekend and found my weekend weight was always lower than weekday weight. 
As a rule we stopped eating outside except for one meal in he weekend. 
Even when I go outside now, I stick to healthier stuff and ensure I do not hog like earlier days.
I necessarily drank around 2 bottles of water at my workplace
Most importantly, I began going to gym every single evening and once my routine was set, it became easier to follow and I found I was more relaxed during the evening workout as I had no immediate compulsion of reaching home on the dot.
Even if I didn't go to gym I did some home exercises. 
I was able to skip 80 jumps with breaks at 25 instead of just 25 jumps with break at 5.
I could do surya namaskar with more ease than before
I never stopped eating chocolate but stopped eating cakes even at birthday parties in office.

At the end of a month I discovered that,

I no longer felt tired after 3 minutes of treadmill walking.
I felt more energetic
My rings were fitting better even the one that stopped fitting me 10 kg away
My clothes seemed to be slightly loose.
I could run for a while on treadmill without feeling compelled to stop
I ate less and felt full and satisfied faster
I lost 3 kg at the end of 1 month plus.

What I did next was to take the personal training sessions that I had skipped over last year. This challenged my body in more ways than I thought, even though the individual exercises were not new, the sequence and speed made a difference.

What helped me was that I had conscience keepers n the mail and in office and at home to stop me from straying.

I plan to take at least 3 cups of green tea in office everyday to cut calories. Even though I don't like the taste.

I am exploring if I could experiment with yoga
I intend to do pranayama every day.
I need to challenge my body much further
I should be able to climb stairs without panting. As of now even five times is a challenge
I want to be able to do push ups without feeling that my arms are breaking
I want to be able to sleep well at night as sleep aids weight loss.

While I wouldn't say I am supremely happy with the results so far, I will not be until I achieve the first milestone of 10 kg but I am ok so far.

 What is your weight loss tips?


epistane said...

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meenashy said...

hello mama....whatz this crap about losing weight? You are in a group which is about Parenting and Schooling and here you are discussing about weight loss!!

itw said...

since when did i appoint u advisor meenashy mada

santa said...

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jaffa said...

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Neha said...

One should take1 lemon as regular basis, it can reduce fat of our body. Fat Exercise also affect. Never take oily food.