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Monday, July 02, 2012

Petrol Bunk Cheats

A common con job that petrol bunks, mostly Indian Oil bunks do is to con us into believing  that they filled more petrol than what you saw. Here is how they do it.

You drive in with your gullible face and ask very clearly for tank full.
The guy does a big show of asking you to check the zero in the meter. And repeats the process at least twice to ensure you have seen the zero. Then he fills up to Rs 300 and removes the hose.    
Naturally you scream at him and ask him to do a tank full. He apologises and says ok madam I will fill it. At the same time another guy comes to your side so that you turn your face away from he meter and asks you to
take the free newspaper 
Take the membership card that gives you points
Asks if you want your window cleaned
Shows you your credit card that you had given for him to swipe and starts asking you irrelevant questions like madam shall I add points. This is just a silly question which has no consequences. 
All this takes a few seconds and you turn almost instantly to look at the meter and you find that the meter had moved to Rs 700.

When you ask them if they had reset the machine to zero they will claim yes but they wouldn't have shown you the zero. 
The more you ask the more they insist that they indeed reset it.
However when the meter auto stops, it will stop at your max capacity if filled in one go. Which means they never reset the meter.  
However they will show you the current reading and ask you to pay this plus Rs 300 which means you pay them cash without getting any petrol in return.

Yesterday this happened to me and I screamed like a rowdy which instantly had them pacifying me that no madam, we did not reset the meter. Else they insisted for a while that they did reset it to zero.

The petrol bunk in Indira Nagar, Adyar Signal and ABT showroom on Guindy has till date attempted this with me. 

Is IOC listening.

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