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Monday, July 30, 2012

Have You Seen This? क्या तुमने यह देखा है ?

Have you seen this? I received my author signed copy of this very interesting, highly imaginative, colourful, thought provoking book by friend and colleague Arthi who is in her own right extremely creative.

Have you read this? I did, very quickly every time I open the book again, I discover something new either in the possibilities that a child of age group above 4 can think of or in the illustrations that speak more than many words. Which is when I appreciate the fact that Tulika books have very few words therefore making it comfortable for the kids to read without getting overwhelmed.

There is a cute little boy with spiked hair and a cute little girl with curious eyes who encounter various fun things in this cute book.

My boys giggled their way through the book and read both the languages with amazing speed and alacrity.

What if a boat that usually swims starts walking like us or your house suddenly decides to take a walk like they do in the magical world.

One fine day, the door may just break all barriers and run away and just like kids jump on chairs and sofas, the chair may pick that habit and try to jump. 

Imagine a hungry or thirsty crow of our stories decides to take matters in its own hands and begins cooking and feeding it to an auto which is as black as a crow!! In fact the kids were discussing what the crow is cooking. Is it potato chips or is it popcorn. They were wondering if only the auto will eat or the boy too!!

And do you think a book knows how to read? I would love to imagine all my books reading each other as I sleep in the night! I really loved the pensive look on the face of the book as it read and the no nonsense look on the face of the crow as it efficiently cooked on a stove of logs!

What will happen if the clock forgets to wake up on time and then wake you up in turn? 

The illustrations are bright and cheerful and giggle inducing and give an impression of a painting! I love the way the objects have been given animated looks and expressive eyes!

The writing is lyrical and lends itself to singing along as we read. The action words bring out a lot of dramatics to the reading session and also explains dramatically opposite action words. 

A chair that jumps...
A door that runs

A giraffe that swims...
A tree that flies

A crow that cooks...
An auto that eats...

the book is suitable for kids above 3 for reading aloud and enacting the same and for kids above 4 who can read themselves and get exposed to the 2nd language also. Kids above 4 would be able to build on in terms of imagining what happens if the clock sleeps or what if the tree in your garden suddenly decides to take a walk or what if your home starts spinning and you are inside eating your favourite snack!

Title- Have You Seen This? क्या तुमने यह देखा है ?
Author- Arthi Anand Navaneeth
Pictures- Roomani Kulkarni
translation- Priya Krishnan
Price- Rs 85
Age- 3 plus
Bilingual Book by Tulika
Buy the book here


kmj said...

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i'd like to share his video with you. this is the link
Its kind of funny.
I wish you and your babies good luck. take care. like to hear from you more.

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Reshmi V said...

I will check this out for sure…sounds really nice and it is not that expensive also. When I was reading this post and the poem, I was reminded of "Nani teri morni" song that I was humming last evening. My family and I have been watching this video from Jumpin wherein each share will ensure some amount to Save the Children NGO. Nevertheless check out the video: kids will love it.