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Saturday, July 28, 2012

beware the blogger observes...obnoxious head of family

After all the web checking i did, i still end up sitting in the row
ahead of the obnoxious family.They were before me during baggage check
and the lalu esque man was loudly scolding his wife for putting
handbaggage for scan.Then he sits in the only unoccupied seat next to
me leaving his family of 3 women and 2 kids to fend for themselves.He
then orders his daughter loudly...chai lao. The girl gets him the tea
and he says, isko dip dip karo, phir isko phenko aur phir humko do.
Then he deigns to take a sip and then shouts again, beta sugar to apne
daala nahin. Lao sugar lao.All while the poor wife was trying hard to
get a seat for herself and roaming with laptop and two assorted hand

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