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Thursday, April 19, 2012

We need your time, please

Have you shared thoughts on CSA Awareness yet?
So you have an experience to share?
Do you have advice to keep your child safe?
If not, we have another 11 days to go. 

I quote verbatim from a mailer sent by dear friend Sue ( and the appeal from the versatile lady Kiran Manral (

10 minutes a day max but we do need participation.

Things you can do:

1. comment at

2. comment/post/share/like content from (I'm assuming you've all been kind enough to Like the page already)

3. comment/post/share/like CSAAM content from

4. respond/rt tweets from!/CSAawareness

5. post to the app

Folks, please pitch in. I understand we're all busy, but a few minutes a couple of days a week would go a long way. This is a sensitisation programme so the further we can reach the more effective we are. 
Mostly we're communicating directly with the people concerned like Fliplog and Web TV and The Alternative not to mention the various NGO folks.

Also, if any of you have been interested in the poster competition and not got around to putting up entries, please keep in mind that it's fine to send in photos/scans of handmade posters. It's not ideal but we'll figure it out.

Send in your feedback folks, that's the only way we'll know how far we're reaching.

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