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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful Country

For the blog readers, I have one copy of Beautiful Country to give away.

The only condition being You post a review of the same on your blog or Facebook or any other media and send me the link.

Quick, first come first.

About the Book...Beautiful Country is an attempt to explore the other India, the India which most of us do not know about,
It has fascinating tales about tribes that are getting extinct, about the indigenous crafts of the regions, facts about the miseries and triumphs of these far flung places which do not have access to even the basics for human survival.

In the words of Dr Sayeeda Hameed and Gunjan Veda, this book discloses the truth about various government initiatives from a first person point of view and forms a compelling read.

The book urges you to turn the pages and go about discovering the India that is by and large invisible to media and therefore most of the Indians.

Rush...write to me... This book really needs to be talked about...

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