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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Treasure House

A very talented blogger friend has started this lovely initiative in Hyderabad is a Summer reading program at TreasureHouse, children's library, Jubilee Hills.

Refer the below URL for more details. 

There are programs for age groups 0- 5, 6- 9, 9+

For parents of children age 0 – 5 - a parent information work shop that talks about why reading is important, what are the early literacy skills that are targeted by reading to young children, what to read, when to read, how to read, why we are reading what we are reading.

For children age 6 – 9, THE BUTTERFLIES BOOK CLUB. The underlying goal of this book club is to make children aware of other genres. The world of books is not just magic, fantasy and what-ever-my-older-sibling/friend-is-reading. There is fiction, non-fiction, drama, picture books, chapter books, environmental issues, humor, classics, mythology, history, exploration/discovery/voyages…. and many more. Catch them young, when they have started reading independently and introduce them to the different choices so that they pause at their age level and explore choices at level instead of jumping to what is popular and run out of choices soon. I call this, my 'prevent children from getting lost in the adventure/magic/mystery Bermuda triangle' mission. Children will interact with Sridala Swami, author of Cheenu's Gift and Sandhya Rao, editor of Tulika Publishers.

For children age 6 – 9- workshop based program... MAKE YOUR READING BLOOM. The idea is to work with beginner and reluctant readers on certain skills that will improve comprehension and fluency. This will be a 5 session workshop.

For 10+ children, in keeping with my Bermuda triangle theory, There is THE MYTHOLOGY BOOK CLUB. This club will analyze mythology as a genre, compare elements from various mythologies, talk about mythological characters and beasts and has two author interaction sessions. Devdutt Pattanaik and Anu Kumar.

I urge you to enrol yourself for summer reading...I would have if I was in Hyderabad ...sob
Also I have a favour to ask you.... if you have a personal blog, write about this program and talk about this on FaceBook using the tags @Treasure House and @utbt kids so that more people get to know about this initiative and join the same so that their children have a fun filled summer 

Go to for ,ore details.

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