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Saturday, March 03, 2012


A couple of days ago, Tejas got a longish splinter stuck into his finger.
It looked tiny when I first saw, I actually thought it is a dead skin sticking out but it was hard and so I pulled it out slightly. To my horror it came out a little bit and I could see that it is actually a tapering piece - flat and broad that ends in a needle point. It was deeply embedded and tightly so and Tejas wasn't allowing me to even touch it.
I was afraid I would split it if I pulled it out while he was struggling so much.
For almost 2 hours I chased him.
Finally I checked the internet.
Here's what I got.
Soak it in warm soapy water. It will allow the skin to loosen.
Pull it out.
If it doesn't, stick the sticky side of a bandaid over it. That will keep the area moist and losen the splinter.
Well, the soapy solution part was easy. He sat there comfortably watching TV. But everytime I touched it he would wriggle away.
Then I decided to use the sticky plaster. Now that was an opportunity he would not miss out on.
He was engrossed in watching TV and gave me his finger to put the bandaid. Using this opportunity, I just yanked the splinter out.
Here's a link on the various methods to remove splinters.

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