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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Hilton Ayna

In honour of The Reluctant Detective (Kiran Manral), publishing house Westland organised a blogger's dinner at The Hilton in their ostentatious restaurant Ayna.

Ayna meaning mirror is a contemporary Indian restaurant where the blend of tradition and International helps create a meal which Is a gourmand's delight.

The decor reflects the Indian culture yet manages to look stylishly sleek. The decor is predominantly Indian. I loved the walls inspired by the eye of the peacock and the interiors that were done in carved mirrors and rich wood patterns, interspersed with glass and silver ware at strategic locations. The architecture is very contemporary and furniture a blend of modern and traditional.

The best part is that the restaurant has nooks and corners and enclosures that give a fair bit of privacy to the diners, we were seated in a private dining room which seated the 8 of us in a very royal manner, with the chairs laid far enough to allow sufficient elbow room while dinng.

The chef took personal care of us and served us a yummy sit down 5 course m
eal. According to them, they revisit the original recipes and traditional methods of cooking to retain the unique and consistent flavours of the dishes.
In totality, the Ayna is not just a place to eat, it is an experiential dining in its ful glory.

We were given a choice of non veg and veg sit down meal.
The veg consisted of a yummy surprise package of starters served on a skewer...charcoal roasted basil chicken, mutton cubes and malwani prawn served with a strip of garlic naan.

The main course had Goan fish curry, mutton from Bengal, rogan josh, countr
y chicken and prawn served with apam, malabar paratha and a very sinful ghee enriched parantha sprinkled with poppy seeds. There were more...biriyani, daal makes which we declined.

The desserts were to die for. Served in an individual platter we had Malpua, orange kulfi, chenna payesh and sandesh.
This culminated with a platter of create your own paan and that is the only snap I took as this is so very unique.
We ended with, yes there was more, a ginger coffee to help digest all that we had consumed.
I forgt to add, the sweet pickled pineapple jelly was beyond yummy.

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Cuckoo said...

I so missed the dinner. Had a sudden medical emergency that evening. Glad that it was fun!