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Monday, March 19, 2012

Booking the Tooth Fairy

So Tejas discovers his lower middle, left incisor is shaking. He advices Ojas to bite the water bottles to speeden the process. On a whim I checked Ojas' tooth. Predictably the mirror image, the lower, middle but right incisor, is loose.

And as the brother says, the cycle begins. And I add... finally... but for a different reason.

The kids inherit bad teeth from the Dad's side. The husband brushes twice yet he has troublesome teeth.
The kids have a gap that needs to be filled but I postponed the procedure as I know they will never sit still during the procedure. Secondly the permanent teeth will sort the issue.

Aside from the above fact, I hated it when my innocent toothless babies sprouted teeth, albeit much later than normal babies do.

And now I hate this tooth falling phase, as much as I hated mine.
Some tooth wouldrefuse to break off fully and either
we had to loop a thread round it or my mom would suddenly yank it off. I have even gone to the dentist for removal when it refused to come off after being loose for ages.
I hated the blood that would spout or the empty sensation until the day after next or the awful gap until the next one grows.
I hated keeping count of how many remained to get replaced and perhaps until I was 15 I kept on suspecting that some of them have not yet been replaced.
I often got nightmares that my yet to be replaced tooth is shaking and would wake up feeling my teeth and counting them up.

Anyway, perhaps for children it is a phase that they accept which is why I lost count midway of how many I repkaced and when!

The kids know there is a tooth fairy. What they do not know is that the fairy supposedly leaves behind a gift.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Gosh, this reminds me that very soon I will be worrying about Adi's teeth and that itself is a pending worry.

hyd said...