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Monday, March 12, 2012

The 6th Birthday Post- Belatedly

The 6th Birthday post coming up for record purpose.
I was too lazy to transfer the pictures and therefore the delay.

This time I just decided to sit pretty and not do a single thing. I had been wanting to do a story theme for the birthday party and I felt the time was right for the kids to appreciate stories.

I invited a very talented story teller praba of the saffron tree fame.
Her venture is Little Owl Story Time, can see the owl puppet she uses for the stories.

We had a delightful story session starting with a very delightful theatrical finger play where in she uses antonyms to create a lovely finger and body action play which serves as a very good ice breaker.
The kids were in rapt attention as Praba read stories to them. The best part is she makes them informal. Books are strewn around. Musical instruments and props like a globe and puppets were there to create a welcome distraction.
The theme was stories specific to countries and their wildlife and she took them to Africa and the Snowy lands and all.

The cake that the kids selected were Batman and Powerranger. T shirts to match were also worn!
The food was a buffet and bearing in mind the story theme, the return gifts were books.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Belated Birthday greetings to the boys! I can see they have grown really tall and they are looking so grown up! Glad to see they had fun with the cakes and the story theme! Now that they are growing up, they would be open to such new, refreshing themes.