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Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Tulleho Book of Cocktails

This the first cocktail book with an India focus giving recipes with accessible desi ingredients.
Along with recipes there are trivia, facts and bar tending techniques. I personally loved the barman says section on the recipe pages. These are truly the pearls of wisdom that garnish the cocktails making it a totally fun book to read.
The colourful menu style content pages are as exciting as what is inside for the home bartender.
The book starts with a starter kit section which tells you what to stock in a home bar including various bar ware and types of glassware.
The mixology section teaches one the basics of the types of cocktails.
Vodka, tequila, gin, rum, Diwali special, holi special... You name it and they have a detailed section of cocktail recipes. To a teetotaller like me, it is a perfect collection to refer to if you want to understand the various categories of beverages and their drinking etiquette.
So can vodka be taken from the skull of a siberian wolf?
Which was the most expensive tequila ever sold?
Mind it, the Boyle of that tequila was made of gold and platinum,
Want the recipe for the beautiful, seductive silk panties?
What about monsoon specials served with hot pakoras?
Do you want to know your rums?
How do you say cheers in different languages?
Want to know how to fix the high?
And of course the recipe book cannot be complete without the section on liqueurs.
So go high on this collector's edition of recipes.

Title- The Tulleho Book of Cocktails
Price - Rs 395

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