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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Tiny Wife

The tiny wife is a book I did not fully comprehend. Yet it left a deep mark on me. It is a cleverly crafted adult fairy tale with a moral behind it. I am still trying to work my head around it. I finished this 88 page tiny book in a single sitting, unable to move even.

So broadly, the story is a simple one. A robber robs a set of people. He does'nt take money but takes their most precious belonging with him. He parts ways saying he has taken with him, a piece of their souls. If they do not learn how to grow them back, they would die.
The manifestations of this act happen soon after.
A woman turns into candy. A man's mother begins to divide into smaller replicas of herself. A husband turns into a snowman. A lion tattoo comes alive and begins to chase the owner. A man's heart is torn from his ches.
And our protaginist's wife begins to shrink.

She has to figure out the pattern of her degrowth and how to keep herself from vanishing.
Discover how these people fight their inner demons and much more

I am tempted to discuss whatever I could make out of the story but that would defeat the purpose as each person who reads it is supposed to interpret it in one's own way.

Title- The Tiny Wife
Author- Andrew Kaufman
Price-Rs 125
Publisher-Harper Collins

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