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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Krishna Contest

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the quiz. Here are the answers that we were looking for. However we make exceptions because the Goddess is ultimately one form so Laxmi is Maya or Kali and so on and Drumila was the form Kalanemi took as per the book Slayer of Kamsa.

May favourite part of the quiz was the answers I got for the favourite name of Lord Krishna. some of the answers we liked we're

Balagopala...because it reminds me of the child Krishna, and those are the stories that warm all our hearts

Yashodanandan...because He is referred to as Son of Yashoda...what more could a mother ask for

Kanha...because it conjures up the image of a mischievous brat. The name tugs at the heart strings...

Gopala because it pertains to His childhood

Krishna...for a girls name....Krishna signifies excitement...

Anandsagar...for the love He gives the devotees


Kanna....a term of endearment

I rejoice in repeating Govinda..

Hari steals my heart with its beauty and brevity

And now for the answers...

1. What is the meaning of the name 'Krishna".

The dark hued one, dark blue etc.

2. Where was Radha born?


3. The Dances Garba & Dandiya are believed to have originated from Krishna. What was the form of dance that Krishna performed that became the precursor to Garba & Dandiya

The Rasalila

4. Who was born in Nandagokula at the time of Krishna's birth?

Goddess Lakshmi

5. Who was the real father of Kamsa?

The demon Drumila who was a form of KalaNemi

6. Who was riding the chariot after Devaki's marriage with Vasudeva?


7. Name the two jewels of Jarasandha's heart as depicted in the "Slayer of Kamsa" – Kamsa eventually marries both of them.

Asti & Prapati 

8. Who stopped Kamsa from killing Devaki when the prediction for the cause of Kamsa's death was rendered.


9. It is said the Parijaat tree was stolen by Krishna. Where did Krishna steal it from?

From Indra's garden, Amaravati. 

10. Krishna's wife Rukmini was originally promised to some one else. Who was he?


Winners will be informed by separate mail

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A and A said...

Hi, Thanks! I'm one of the lucky winners :) Sent you an email as well...