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Thursday, December 08, 2011

How Well Do You Know Krishna- STICKY POST

JUST OUT... A pre release review

I have copies of the soon to be released Dance of Govinda by Ashok Banker to give away. Just answer some simple questions below.
Krishna – mischievous, loving, flirtatious, master strategist… multiple facets combined in a single God!
How well do you know Krishna and his exploits?
We know Krishna from the numerous stories of Him that we have read or heard or seen on TV. One of the sources in recent time is the Krishna Coriolis that is a 3 part series of books authored by Ashok Banker and published by Harper Collins. Check out the fb page here to know more about it.
The first book is already out in the market and the second and third are coming soon.
Before that, go on, take this quiz and find out how well you know Krishna, how well you remember the book *Slayer of Kansa* and maybe, just maybe what
to expect in the upcoming *Dance of Govinda.* or * Flute of Vrindavan*.

1. What is the meaning of the name 'Krishna".
2. Where was Radha born?
3. The Dances Garba & Dandiya are believed to have originated from Krishna. What was the form of dance that Krishna performed that became the precursor to Garba & Dandiya
4. Who was born in Nadagokula at the time of Krishna's birth
5. Who was the real father of Kamsa?
6. Who was riding the chariot after Devaki's marriage with Vasudeva?
7. Name the two jewels of Jarasandha's heart as depicted in the "Slayer of Kamsa" – Kamsa eventually marries both of them
8. Who stopped Kamsa from killing Devaki when the prediction for the cause of Kamsa's death was rendered
9. It is said the Parijaat tree was stolen by Krishna. Where did Krishna steal it from?
10. Krishna's wife Rukmini was originally promised to some one else. Who was he?

And just so that there is some subjectivity also, here comes a .....
Tie Breaker- Among the many names of Lord Krishna, which is your favourite name and why?

You have a week to mail me the answers at Final deadline is on 8th December 2011.
Contest valid in India or an Indian postal address.
Judges decision final.
Posting answers on the comments section would seriously undermine the said contestant's chances to win the other words, the said contestant would be disqualified from the contest.


A and A said...

Very Nice One! This is the first time I'm commenting here! Sent my answers :)

RS said...

Suuper contest-Im so going to do it-but sadly cant mail you from work :-( Will do it tonight(hopefully) Hope I still have a chance.

mim said...

have to ask my ma. me and her can do a combined team answers..
let's see

Itchingtowrite said...

Of course... You have time RS.
Ys you can do as a team, google, do whatever it takes. Pa of the fun is the discovery of Krishna as one reads and searches....