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Monday, September 20, 2010

This PTA Meeting

Had me shitting bricks. I expected a set back with Ojas as he has clearly not taken the separation very positively.
Tejas has blossomed and done very well, made a lot of friends and has picked up on his reading. The teached is also impressed with his answers to concepts and he seems to be picking up unique answers rather than the generic like answering "white tiger" for endangered species. He also follows up answers with explanations- like explaining the meaning of extinct.

Ojas has become moody in class and there are periods when he does not answer stuff that he definitely knows like which class and school he studies in. He has a very sharp memory - he remembers all the Hindi sight words that are being taught in class- and great recalling abilities wrt concepts and gives answers that are beyond his level- but he refuses to read at times. We suspect he knows but he doesn't want to answer. Though in Jr Kg, he was among the most extrovert kids and would be the first one to answer in class.
I recall one day I wrote "APPLE" on his white board and asked him to read it out. He rubbed it off saying I don't know. I got angry and immediately he rewrote APPLE and said - see I have written apple again.
I also thought he may refuse to make friends because according to him, Tejas is his friend. But the teacher assured us that he has made plenty of friends.
So we are to give him more time to get used to the separation, keep him interested and practice a lot without making it dull for him.
Already I can see an improvement in terms of reading and word spotting as I do the bed time stories with him. So... just wish us luck...


Poornima said...

Wishing you loads of luck!

How do we know said...

Mamma.. they are brilliant boys both, and you have done some awesome foundation setting in their early years. So dont worry at all.. they will manage just FINE!!

Vidya said...

Wish you and the kids the very best!!

R's Mom said...

hey..dont you worry....hugs to you and all the best :)

Callezee said...

This is really a testing time for you. Hope you have all the courage to bring back the originality of the kid and his extrovert

Gayatri said...

- Ur doing soooper mama :)
- They'll be fine.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks so much guys!

Anonymous said...


Your kids will be smart, as you are the Mom. Trust me, this comes from someone who has studied 2nd Grade to 10th with you. You are one of the very intelligent ones!

Good luck to your kids,


Bijal Chopra said...

hi itchy... i am a mom of twins too.. would like to take a lot of tips from you for everything and after reading through a lot of your posts feel you are a super mom