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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Geographically Speaking

Geography was not my strong point in the school days. I remember placing Allahabad in Maharashtra in one of the Map tests. However, with time and many train journeys and associating with people of different states/ nations, I can say that I have become fairly good in Geography.

The kids are doing countries of the world in school. They learn about the culture, food, dress code and many other stuff incuding pointing them out in the map.

I foind an interesting and interactive site that has some interesting games on geography- I have not really explored the entire site but apart from games, it also has a lot of information on the country/ continent.

The site also has other subjects- we explored the food chain game and it was quite fun.

The school is also doing hindi sight words. I found and this site quite interesting for worksheets and this site good for advanced reading - stories were quite good for practice- incidentally the same that we used in our school days.

I also made them sight word sheets for further practice and am doing hindi writing using a workbook so that they get better in recognizing the letters. This is my own drive to help them start reading hindi because in school it is just elementary sight word / picture recognition whereas we were able to read simple readers in prep class.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Great post, will check it out as it sounds very interesting.

Devasena Hariharan said...

good and surprised that kids these days have to learn so much..

Learning about different countries, food,