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Monday, September 06, 2010

Eating Out is Becoming Expensive Day by Day

Where do you want to eat?
Kids- KFC

Where do you want to eat?
Ojas- That roll mutton I ate naa, and there were grapes and cucumber
Me- Copper Chimmney
Ojas- Nooooooo were they also gave grape, cucumber....

(He means Mutton seekh kabab and the place is specifically Kabab Factory where they serve salads before the kabab course)


Poornima said...

Cute! specially "they also gae grape, cucumber..."

How do we know said...

well.... its all ur fault really.. ;-)

Sanya said...

It's much better to eat in anyway. KFC and fast food is just not healthy. It's good you're switching over to fruits and vegetables. We often eat organic too where possible.