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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Do I Read?

The September I Can Read Carnival is being held at the Book Chook- a celebration of easy readers and easy chapter books. This post is on some tips on reading with children.
The methods that I feel helps in the reading are-
1. Reviewing sight words with the kids actively using flash cards, daily exercises or reading easy readers or sight word drill- these are a set of 220 words that form the foundation of reading. Take a look at any pre school book- you will find the same set of words being repeated in most of the books. This repetitive reading of the same set of words helps the children in polishing their word recognition skills.
2. Activity Books- Most of these books will have exercises that require kids to fill in the missing alphabets or match the picture with the right word or simple word searches and grids. I find these activity books as multipurpose- it is fun and it is also educative- the child does not feel that he is doing something regimental.
3. Phonics- My kids do a lot of guess work while reading- At that moment, I ask them to focus on the alphabet sound so that they can self correct.
4. Reading a lot- Earlier I was more interested in doing a good story with them. But now the focus is on reading so I pick up simple sight word abundant books so that the kids can read along with me. And I never skip the sentences in order to move the story quicly and neither do I explain in my own words because now they are watching me read every word!
5. Competition- I make the kids take turns in reading each page so that it does not become too tiring for one of them. We also play teacher teacher and make the kids the teacher on rotation - and then one must watch them "teach" the words to me or the sibling!
6. 5 word exercise- 5 random words are practiced actively on a day - we shamelessly divert from the phonics focus and make them "by heart" and throw them surprise spelling quiz over the day.
7. Word Spotting- in product wrappers, bill boards, other books, TV

On this note, I small anecdote.
Me, trying to make Ojas read the word - Black
Me- What is this written? This is a colour. Which colour can you think of with B?
Ojas- Blue
Helpfully, Tejas picks up a book and discretely rubs a finger over the black colour on the book cover.


Andrea Hazard said...

I like the idea of having kids play teacher- they say that the best way to learn something is to teach it

The Book Chook said...

I can just see Tejas "helping" by discreetly rubbing his finger on the colour! Very cute.

R's Mom said...

thanks Itchy...I think its a wonderful way to make kids read....ever plan to be a sure you will be really successful :)

Itchingtowrite said...

@Andrea- exactly, and then the kids copy our style of teaching and its so hilarious!

@ book Chook- :)

R's Mom- nah... I get impatient very easily!!