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Monday, August 23, 2010

Lazy Lazy

August is such a lazy month for me- always. My mind is all over the place except where it is supposed to dilligently be.
To me it heralds the start of all that is festive - starting from my birthday- ah well, is it not about me always?
I start getting excited about all the forthcoming holidays.
The think about festivals is that the moment you take the compulsion away from it- it becomes easy to handle them. I have started to make my own rules for festivals. I do stuff which I can handle and at my own pace which makes it fun. At one level I had started looking at festivals as a day spent slogging rather than a nice peaceful holiday. But now, no longer so- because I do only the things that I enjoy doing - even if it means not spending time in the kitchen trying to make delicacies which I can't. (I still have not got over the nightmarish episode of burnt coconut laddoos of 2004 )

August is the month I begin to make giddy plans for the kids' birthday
Or start hoping for some Year end holiday

Work wise it is all about rushing to finish up the commitments
Year end conferences-cum-fun (zyada)
Fun activities like planning collaterals for the festive season wherein you get to go all bossy with the supplier side
If it is to be anything by last year's standards then I have a hectic last quarter to handle!

I have been a dragon this entire year. Together the husband and I have done the major part of home redecoration and all that we were talking about and not doing has been done. I have only chasing the electrician & plumber throughout the last couple of months because I decided I do not want to have even a single malfunctioning switch or a tap that need an arm wrestlers strength to close. In fact I have pushed the electrician beyond his limits and capabilities.

Yet again I have joined the gym to try to achieve the stretch goal that I set last year and my mind is all in it. In fact in my mind I have lost lots of weight but the scales don't seem to ratify that.

The kids' school start moving on fast track and I go all crazy trying to stay afloat.

At this rate I wonder- work-life balance is such a vicious cycle.

So what are your plans for the most exciting part of the year

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